Work-Life Balance, A Daunting Task!!

A job or a business? Does it mean the end of this world for all of us involved in it? I believe it still remains to be one of those toughest questions to be answered. Why does this question come up in the first place? Let us see if we can figure it out.

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There is something called a perfect work-life balance. Only a handful of us are lucky enough to possess that luxury. Now, a job is a necessity to fulfill all the needs. On the other hand, we have our families with whom we are willing to spend some quality time. Over the years, I have come to a realization that workplaces are being adopted as our second home with our colleagues as our family members. In an average of 24 hours, we spend good 12 hours at work, 6-8 hours of sleep, and the leftover time? Engrossed in WhatsApp, Facebook, and socializing to name a few. Where does our family come in terms of importance here? Imagine your parents, wives, husbands, and kids waiting to get a glimpse of you. For most of the corporate employees, they mostly have the weekends off. Imagine the businessmen and government employees. I seriously pity them and their families.

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For the ones working, life would be like that of a patty placed in a burger which needs support from both ends. Job to support financials and family for the rest. More often than not, it would just be ideal to treat a job as “a job” and nothing more. Take the factor into account that as long as you are into it, do it religiously. But, the moment you step out, the concentration of time broadly has to be nothing more but your family. Most of us are career oriented, agreed, and the focus tends to be inclined more towards our future and our family merely becomes a formality more or less. Seriously a tough fact to digest, but I bet it holds true for most of us. We can afford all the materialistic stuff possible in this world through our earnings. However, none of them can replace the love and affection of your family and dear ones.


How do you try to balance it all? The answer lies within each of us. The onus is entirely upon us to solve this work-life balance theory. You know, it is not as difficult as it seems. It purely depends on how do you want to go about it. If you are willing to make an effort to balance your life, there is no reason why one cannot do it. It’s a different story if one is unwilling to. We all accept the fact that money is an integral factor in our sustainability. Can it buy happiness? Maybe yes, in most instances if not all. Can it help you replace an individual in your life? The answer to it would be an obvious ‘No’.

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Life, on the whole, is turning out to be so mechanical that one can barely find enough time to concentrate on other important aspects of life, be it fitness, health, or our lifestyle. Businessmen, at least in India work six days a week and most of them do not have fixed working hours. Look at most of their physical appearances, and you can figure out that they hail from a wealthy family. Are they fit enough though? Certainly not. Individuals working in the corporate environment are no different although they work for 5 days a week. They are glued to their workstations for long hours without many breaks. Everything looks good initially but the ill effects only come into the picture in the medium or long run when it takes a toll on one’s health. Things are worse in case of folks who work in irregular shifts. It is said that the best time to sleep is between 10.30 PM to 4.30 PM. There is a big difference between sound sleep and forced sleep. Need I say more? I guess you are smart enough to understand.

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These days, not many of us get the luxury of eating home-made food. The ones who do, care less, and the ones who do not, know how much it is valued. If you’ve noticed closely, eating outside is considered as a luxury lately. Why? Our work culture and our lifestyles have greatly contributed to this aspect of our life. Is the quality of life or our standard of life improving? I for one have a mixed feeling in this regard. Take an example of our workplaces, we are packed in an atmosphere which is completely air-conditioned. We are missing out on breathing fresh air for the most part of the day. I know it’s a helpless state to be in since it’s the need of the hour.


It’s easier said than done when it comes to splitting time towards our jobs, families, and friends. The day we start becoming conscious of the pros and cons of it, I am sure the situation will turn out to be better. You just need to put in that effort and have the willingness to lead a perfect life. It sure is no luck or a gifted thing. One needs to work their way to attain it. The only request is for all of us to ensure that we need not make our lives concentrated or mechanical or robotic. The real meaning of life will only be justified if it is balanced enough.

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Live to love and love to live!!!

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