Why Will Deadpool 2 Be A Success?

In the February of 2016, 21st Century Fox released a comic book based film with an Adult rating, Deadpool, and it changed the landscape of what superhero movies could do, forever. Today, the Sequel is coming and it has a bigger cast, bigger budget and bigger scale, is it going to a success like its predecessor?

Deadpool was released in very unique circumstances and its success, some would say, was like catching lightning in a bottle. And it is very hard to argue with that. It took 10 years for Ryan Reynolds to get it made, with an extremely low budget. This gave the makers a lot of creative freedom and ability to push the boundaries. Thus, it was able to accomplish the success that it did, and became the second highest grossing adult rated movie of all time.


However, the tides have turned now; the sequel got approved almost instantly. They got a bigger budget and also got a new director in David Leitch. The only common thing between both the movies is the passion that Ryan Reynolds has for this character. He has said in multiple interviews that he was born to be in this role and I think I agree. His sensibilities and sense of humor is a perfect match to encompass the character of Wade Wilson/Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson/Deadpool

As all sequels should this movie also is trying to expand on its world. Deadpool was a love story between Wade and Vanessa. Deadpool 2 is now trying to expand on that relationship and also trying to introduce a few new characters that include Cable played by Josh Brolin, Domino played by Zazie Beetz and a whole new X-Force. Cable a mutant from the future who has come back in time to kill a kid, and Deadpool is trying to protect him with the help of a new team i.e. the X-Force.

Still from Deadpool 2

Josh Brolin, what a summer is this guy having. He is the villain of two of the most anticipated movies of this year. First, he became Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War which already is one of the top 5 biggest grosser of all time. And he was a stand out in the movie, and now he plays the role of Cable, another “antagonist” in a superhero movie just 3 weeks apart. We all know from the trailers that the Meta humor from Deadpool is going to address that in some way or the other and to be honest I cannot wait for that.

Josh Brolin playing antagonist as Cable

The fact that this franchise is an adult rated superhero story also lends itself to become a big success. One can expect to see things in it that we would never be able to see in an MCU or an X-Men movie. The adult humor is one of the major components that attract the audience and the super cool fighting sequences that one can expect from the John Wick co-director David Leitch are a cherry on the top.


David Leitch on the set of Deadpool 2


One of the major contributors to the success of Deadpool was its genius marketing strategy. From the billboards to short YouTube videos to all the advertisements were all so new and fresh and funny. It set the perfect tone for the movie and audience knew what they were getting into got a lot more. The marketing campaign for Deadpool 2 has gone a little further. From a skit with David Beckham to a music video with Celine Dion, the marketing team is pulling no punches to show the audience how much fun they are going to have in the theatre.


Considering all the things above I think this movie has the potential to be one of the biggest adult rated movies of all time. I want to make a prediction of the opening weekend gross for this film in the United States of America. The first movie got a release in February and earned 132 million dollars on its first weekend, and considering that its summer season, this movie is a highly anticipated sequel and it has a villain – Josh Brolin who people just saw in Avengers: Infinity War, I think this movie should open at around 160 million dollars in the first 3 days of its release.


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