Why Madhya Pradesh Should Be the Next Destination in Coming Winter?

India is a country of unity in diversity. This diversion is vivid in every segment of life. Once you are in the eastern part of the country, you get to know a completely different culture than that of the western part. Traveling includes not only watching things but also feeling the beauty and knowing the history of the places. There are lots of tourists who look for certain places where they can connect with the rich ancient history of our beloved country. Madhya Pradesh will always be the best place to visit when it comes to a historical tour with natural beauty. Known as the ‘Heart of India’, this state is full of natural beauties and historical monuments. Why should you choose Madhya Pradesh for your coming vacation? Read on to know more-

  1. Khajuraho

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These medieval temples of Khajuraho will prove how India was an advanced country in ancient age, even than today. The erotic sculptures are gems of these Hindu and Jain temples which gives the ultimate learning of life. Being the UNESCO World Heritage, this site represents the vigorous art and culture of India. Not only tourists around India, but also around the world come to visit Khajuraho to get mesmerized by the amazing sculptures, carved on stone, so many years ago.

  1. Sanchi Stupa

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This is another UNESCO World Heritage which is one of the best attractions of Madhya Pradesh. India was once the center of the Buddhism. Lord Buddha blessed our country and Sanchi Stupa is the epitome of the rich time of the Buddhism in India. This architectural grandeur will mesmerize you while the other temples of the Gupta Era are really certain wonders, of this place. Also, this place will remind you of the tales of the great king Asoka that you have only read on the pages of history books.

  1. Bandhavgarh National Park

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Madhya Pradesh is not only a historical site, but this state is also famous for top national parks in India. Bandhavgarh is one of the best national parks and it is quite costly and difficult to reach. But, if you are an adventurist in heart, plan to visit this national park now. Visiting fierce tigers in the wild really needs guts. The green valleys, rocky hilly terrain, and the ancient fort set the perfect background of the park. Apart from tigers, you can also visit deer, sloth bears, jackals, leopards and various species of birds.

  1. Gwalior

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The ultimate attraction of this city is the magnificent fort on the hilltop. This is 1000 years old fort that is one of the most incredible forts in India. Once you are inside the fort, you will see lots of palaces and temples over there. Among them, the Man Mandir Palace is really outstanding. The old town of Gwalior will present the extraordinary architecture of the Mughal Era. Don’t miss to visit the Tomb of Tansen. Also, if you visit the town in December, you can get to watch the awesome Tansen Music Festival.

  1. Bhopal

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Last, but definitely not the least, Bhopal should be on your must-visited list. Being the capital of the state, Bhopal is really unique than any other places over there. The breathtaking landscapes and the natural and artificial lakes will mesmerize the tourists while the great temples and the lush green gardens will soothe your eyes.

It’s really difficult to visit a place so huge like Madhya Pradesh. Visiting it once won’t quench your thirst to unfold this state. Arrange a tour now and spend a few days in the ‘Heart of India.’

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