When love happens by Manish Kumar – Book Review

When you look at the cover of the book, you will find a couple standing by the shore of the sea looking into each other. You will find a notebook on the cover and the boy is on one side and the girl on the other. This means they will meet only when the book gets closed and closed books are meaningless.

This book is a romantic tale but by the end, it turns into the inspirational story of the author. The book seems to be an autobiography of the author with some crisp of fantasy and self-help tips.

The story starts with a boy living in a village, a typical village of India where people don’t think so broadly and it is almost impossible to avoid eyes of people around you.  In such an Indian climate, he dares to love a girl.

Yes, the author falls in love with a girl when he is in 11th standard and the best part is that the girl whose name is “G” too likes him. Yes, this is the only name described in the book. The couple talk via chits and letters. Throughout the book, they face so many problems, they are unable to talk in many instances. When they complete their +2, they find no means to talk to and the author too moves to some other city for his studies, but love makes us do silly things. They arrange to talk on call sometimes. They talk but G never answers him when he asks to take their relationship to the next level. Eventually, they are unable to get married and he decides to concentrate on making his future bright. This is where the book turns into an inspirational tale when the author turns his rage into actions for his future.

The book has so many errors. It seems like it has not been proofread properly. There are little things which give an aura of confusion while you read the book.

Maybe this is not one of the best romance books but it is one of those books which show real love story of India. Just the way it happens and it happened. If you have read a lot of good Young Adult Romance Books, you may find the book boring but if you really want to read one of the real Indian love read then you should give a try to this book.

I rate this book 2.5/5.

You can read the book on kindle too. Click here.

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Abhishek Bagri

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