Venom Review: Venom’s Solo Debut turns out to be sloppy

A movie on Marvel comics character always excites its fans. And when it’s about someone as infamous in the Marvel Comics as the Venom, experiencing some adrenaline rush and getting all psyched is quite obvious. Yes, almost every one of us, eagerly waited for the release of Venom as the trailer seemed really intriguing. However, once it hit the theatres, negative reviews started flooding the online world.

Yes, one may find Venom to lack a solid script, usual Marvel entertainment magic, and expected frills and thrills. But the movie has its own plus points and doesn’t really deserve this much of online backlash. Keep on reading to know where Venom has stumbled and where it has actually scored.


Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Venom is a 2018 superhero movie based on the fictional character of the same name of the Marvel comics. Featuring Tom Hardy as the infamous journalist named Eddie Brock and the host for the alien Symbiote Venom, the 113 minutes’ movie has been shot with a budget of around $120 million. While Michelle Williams can be seen as Anne Weying, Riz Ahmed has been cast as Carlton Drake, the CEO of a bioengineering corporation and later as the host to another alien Symbiote, Riot. Venom is also the first movie venture of Sony into the Marvel Universe.


Eddie Brock(Hardy) is an investigative journalist who was assigned to interview the CEO of Life Foundation on their rocket launch project. But instead, he started investigating the wrongful experiments done on humans at Carlton Drake’s Life Foundation which costs him his career and also the love of his life. Soon Brock finds out that alien lifeforms (Symbiote) from a comet have been brought on earth and experiments are performed to combine the alien with the humans. Unfortunately, one of the Symbiotes, Venom, merges with Brock and finds him to be the perfect host. As the hero Eddie Brock gradually turns into the anti-hero, he gets superpowers and forms a bond with Venom, that resides inside him while another Symbiote, Riot, is on the run with devilish plans for the humans.

Things I liked

First and foremost, I repeat, the movie isn’t that bad as the critics are saying it to be. Rather, Venom is quite good a watch than many previous DC superhero movies. To be honest, if one can endure the 130 minutes of “Thor: Ragnarok” where there’s nothing but mindless rambling of coincidences and brawls (no hard feelings for the Thor fans), then Venom won’t be a waste of your time and money.

When it comes to acting, Tom Hardy won’t let you complain. Every time he is on the screen, he has given his best and tried his maximum to turn a weak plot into an engaging one. Venom can solely be watched for seeing Tom Hardy if this English actor drives you crazy.

What many critics are overlooking is the fact that in actual Marvel comics, Venom was more of an anti-hero and not a villain completely. There, Venom has been shown to experience even feelings of saving the innocent people and sharing a special bond with its host, Eddie Brock. And this movie focuses exactly on that part, the bond between Eddie Brock and Venom which takes time to grow.

The voice of Venom (also given by Tom Hardy), dialogues like ‘We are venom’, and all the action sequences will simply make you crave for more. Though it takes an hour for Venom to finally appear on screen, once he does, you won’t complain as it gets the best visual effect transformations that Venom ever had on screen.

Things I didn’t like

Even after having so many good things to look forward to, Venom has failed to keep up with the high expectations of the Marvel fans. The script is not only a weak one but there’s also a dragged storyline, predictable plot and some pace problems which destroyed this fantastic on-screen adaptation of Venom.

With superhero movies like Nolan’s Batman being there to tell us how intriguing and engaging a superhero movie could get, the solo debut of Venom finds it difficult to attain a cult status.

While Riz Ahmed fails to convince us as Carlton Drake, the movie itself lacked enough suspense and thrills to become a solid cult classic. While the bike chasing and android scenes were captivating; being a joint collaboration of Sony and Marvel, the visual effects of the battle scenes between Venom and Riot should have been of much superior quality.

The trailer of the movie has hinted us of a really dark thriller, but what we got is a childishly simple storyline with predictable everything. While the first half of the movie goes slowly to build the complications, the second half seems to be in a real hurry to finish the story which has prevented both Venom and Riot in creating enough impact.

Final Verdict

Those who are expecting a hangover like that of watching Thanos in “Avengers: Infinity War”, you’ll be disappointed. Those who have watched the previous Spider-Man series (played by Tobey Maguire) will naturally expect Venom to be a super villain, but in this movie Venom is more of an anti-hero. Hence, don’t set your expectations too high for a dark alien villain.

It will be wise to not listen to the critics who are bent upon giving Venom 0 out of 10, if possible. Rather for Marvel fans, Venom won’t disappoint you as a one-time watch. The first half of the movie includes some great comic relief moments with the complication building gradually.  The fine-quality visual effects also soothe the eyes. To watch the versatile Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and again as Venom, this movie can definitely be your weekend destination.

My Rating: 6/10

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