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If this summer you are looking for a snappy contemporary romance Becky Albertali’s “Upside of Unrequited” is the perfect book for you. “The upside of unrequited” will dive you deep into pain and elation of first love, sibling relationships and family bonds.
Molly has a twin, Cassie; a summer job at a local boutique and 26 crushes she never courted. Their lives take a turn when Mina enters the story and Cassie falls in love with Mina and suddenly Cassie is a sister with love interest and Molly feels left behind. But along with Mina comes her hot best friend Will who might make no. 27 on Molly’s list of crushes. But with her co-worker at the boutique, it’s not really working. Reid, Molly’s nerdy co-worker who is completely different from Molly but it’s really hard not to root for Reid and Molly to end up together.  Where Reid is one of the people who doesn’t “actually” care about what others think Molly is very self-deprecating and she constantly calls herself fat in a negative manner.  To Molly, Reid gives a different and positive perspective.
The most adorable parts of the story are those that show the family dynamics of Molly’s mothers. What really warms my heart is that their mom actually appreciates their love interest. “Upside of unrequited” has a diverse cast of characters with LGBTQ and racial combinations. It is a unique contemporary and will be a classic of our time. The only critic the book will ever have is how Molly’s body image is portrayed and few of the readers will sadly relate to it. I felt really bad for her, especially when her grandma insults her in the guise of being concerned about her.
Overall it was a 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5
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