Top 6 Dresses to Look Hot in This Monsoon

‘Tip, tip, barsa paani, paani ne aag laagai’- so if you want to set fire with your fashion statement in this rainy season, you need to know how to dress up. The monsoon is really romantic. Listening to the drizzle on your rooftop, spending the rainy evening with your friends, attending get together and parties on weekends are really cool things to do this time. But, these are good for weekends. What happens when you go to the office and it is raining cats and dogs? And waterlogging is a regular problem during the rainy season. You must have found out the most degraded clothes that you won’t wear any other time of the year.

That’s not cool, you know. Every season has its own beauty. To enjoy that, you can try to feel the mood of the season and dress accordingly. The monotonous and depressive rain won’t bother you much when you find the true colors of the season in yourself. Let’s find out which dresses are perfect for welcoming the monsoon-

  1. Culottes Are Awesome

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That old denim and trousers are just boring. Why don’t you try something interesting and trendy? Yes, culottes are there to make you look like a fashionista for the monsoon. As the length is above your ankles, you don’t need to worry while crossing waterlogged areas. Pair it up with any short kurta, t-shirt or crop top and you’ll look fab!

  1. Printed Short Dress Is the Thing

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Instead of wearing monochrome, you should try printed dresses in this season to look vibrant. Dresses always add a certain oomph factor to your look, whatever season it is. If you wear it in the rainy season, you will look gorgeous. Also, there is no problem of muddy hems. While wearing dresses, during the monsoon, you should remember certain things-

  • Don’t wear thin fabric
  • Too much layering is a bad idea
  • Avoid long maxi dresses
  • Short and t-length dresses are perfect
  1. Playsuits Look Cute

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If you are a playful girl and want to look chic, playsuits are only for you. Those are very much in-fashion and gives a cute look. If the gloomy weather goes too much to your head, wear colorful playsuits and go for an outing with your buddies. Nylon and cotton are the best fabric to wear during the monsoon as they dry quickly. Pair it up with beautiful sneakers or converse and give a tom-boy touch to your look.

  1. Boyfriend Jeans Are Always In

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Denim never goes out of fashion, isn’t it? If you are in love with your pair of denim, give it a new touch. How about having boyfriend jeans in your collection? They are stylish and comfortable to wear even in the heavy rain. It won’t cling to your body like the skinny jeans and your skin can breathe well. Wear oversized t-shirts with it and you are ready to float paper boats on the street.

  1. Wear Skirts in the Rain

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Whatever season it is, skirts are evergreen, actually. If you are going to the office, formal skirts are perfect to give you the corporate look even on a rainy day. A short pleated skirt looks so cute with a crop top. You can choose a heavy printed skirt with a monochrome top. Midi or A-line skirts are perfect than pencil skirts as the later one is not that much comfortable, especially if you get wet.

  1. Give a Shot to Shorts

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Finally, no matter how much water is there on the road, rain can’t make you sit idle at the house. Wear the loose fitted shorts to stay comfortable. Pair it up with your favorite top. You can wear a shrug to give your look another layer.

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So, these are a few types of dresses you can try to enjoy the monsoon. Nature is gloomy and cloudy. So, it is your duty to add colors and vibrancy to your life. Happy Monsoon!

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