Tiny Tattoos With Their Big Meanings

Tattoos are a part of us. They are like a constant reminder of something – whether a bad past, certain incident, something lost or something gained. They are like a commitment. Tiny tattoos are really in trend these days. These are small, yet very impactful, just as much as their counterparts, sometimes even more. It doesn’t need a gigantic ink design to have an intense impact; even the smallest tattoo can make the biggest impression.

You should never go wrong with the design of a tattoo because it defines who you are. It makes the statement you want it to. Maybe, a small tattoo is what you are looking for. Here, we are listing some of the tiny tattoos which have pretty big meanings.

  1. ‘Om’ Symbol

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It is a spiritual symbol in the Hindu religion. It refers to Atman (soul) and Brahman (the entirety of universe). It represents a world of illusions and four states of consciousness. A small tattoo of ‘Om’ represents your spiritual nature. It symbolizes your faith and belief in God. It is a common expression for Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. It means the sound of life as well. This also means power and strength. It refers to a cycle of birth and rebirth.

  1. Anchor

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An anchor symbolizes a strong foundation and stability in life. The tattoo says that there is something or someone in your life who holds you in place, provides you with the strength to hold on in hard times and doesn’t let you drift away from your position. It also symbolizes hope or salvation. In ancient times, an anchor symbolized safety. In long voyages, putting down an anchor meant the safe end of a long journey. It has gained a lot of popularity nowadays among the youth.

  1. Heart

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This tattoo represents love and compassion. It symbolizes your loving nature and says that you live for your family, friends, and dreams. The tattoo may look small but reminds you how big and beautiful your heart is.  Heart tattoo is also used to express grief, loss or memorial for the deceased. There are various kinds of heart tattoos and it has different meanings for different people. It comes in all shapes, designs, and styles. It is also regarded as the source of knowledge.

  1. Infinity

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This tattoo should not be mistaken to be only for lovers. It symbolizes rebirth or reincarnation, eternity, never-ending possibilities, everlasting and limitless love. This is a very popular tattoo as it has various meanings and people relate it to concepts from various cultures. It is popular in religions of Hinduism and Buddhism. Infinity itself means a concept of infiniteness, limitlessness, and endlessness. It is getting popular because of its unique design among the youths.

  1. Lotus Flower

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A lotus flower grows in muddy water. So, this tattoo reminds you that you can grow even in the harshest of situations. You can bloom and rise above the murk to attain enlightenment. Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. You never let anything come between you and your dreams. It is not only admired for its beauty but is also known for its deep spiritual meaning. Pink and white colored lotus symbolizes purity and devotion whereas lotus flowers in the color red, purple and blue carry the meaning of enlightenment and rebirth. It signifies grapple, changes, and growth in life.

  1. Diamond

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Diamond is the strongest element in the world. It represents strength and invincibility. This tattoo is the perfect one for you if you have an unbreakable spirit. You have been through a lot of hardships. You keep getting stronger with each passing day. Diamond is also associated with wealth and power. It also represents the concept of metamorphosis and perpetuity. The sign also represents faithfulness, courage, endurance, and chastity. The diamond sign is also supposed to fill up negative spaces in our lives with immense strength of positivity.

Hence, we have concluded some of the most beautiful tiny tattoos with their big meanings. One is never too old to get a tattoo. Tattoos become a part of our identity. We all know that the tiniest gestures make the biggest differences. Tattoos are also supposed to increase the self-esteem of people, both men, and women. Many people get tattoos of different shapes, styles, and designs to show the importance of that particular sign in their life.  So, get inspired by some of our tattoo ideas and get one for yourself soon.


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