Then Shining India, Now Make in India, is Altogether Changing India

Conventional India Versus Modern India


India is an agricultural nation and majority of its population is dependent upon the farmers and their crops, these were the lines uttered by my 8th standard geography teacher. Those were the times when modernization and westernization had not intersected. That was a shining India when owning & sowing a piece of land (zamidari) was considered far more superior than working in an MNC, evening group discussions at street corners were considered more engaging and resourceful than chit-chatting on social media, early morning tea with newspaper was yet to be replaced by Kindle and yes the temple bells were the sole signal for the beginning of the day as the smartwatches and their alarms were not still in the picture. However, times have changed and so has conventional shining India, few intellectuals with their new-born approach of westernization in the name of modernization have shifted the slow & steady but patient India towards an urgent, uncalming and impatient India.

Reasons for the change in India


Contemporary India is flamboyant and does not believe in strengthening it’s roots rather glorifies its branches by western brands and their unyielding approach. Local businesses, small farmers are sacrificed for malls & plazas, economic reforms & tax exemptions are only meant for big money making tycoons, marketing has overshadowed the true working culture and family values will all go in vain if discussed. The republic whose 70% of the population is busy in working for these foreign-based companies feels a little backward if rural India is still portrayed as the real India. Development and growth of any nation are directly proportional to the respective strength of that nation, accepted or not but the mirror will always show that agriculture was and will always be the real strength of this republic. Employment in western countries might look like development, however, it is & will always be a temporary solution, the reason being these companies and their culture will shift their base when the times comes, no excuse is needed to be given as history has witnessed, the world has seen what happened to the USSR.

How to make India shine again

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Merely by saying, “Make in India”, is the appropriate approach to tackle this problem won’t help until & unless it is implemented through a proper channel. The strength of this republic lies in rural India and if boosted, it might help in making “Make in India” practical. If better resources, technology and proper guidance are given to the farmers, if youth is made aware about the importance of agriculture, if innovation and technology embrace agricultural equipment & machinery, then perhaps we might nourish this ever-changing India. There are countries throughout the world who have used their technology and innovation for the enhancement of their own strength, which has not only led to the development of these countries but also made them independent. To name few, Australia will be the very first example that comes into the picture. Like India, Australia’s population is also dependent upon the agriculture however unlike India, Australia’s major focus has been in the field of their strength, they have not only developed innovative methods for agriculture but also worked for the security of their sowers by providing them with funds and new equipment and machinery, the world has seen that Australia has reached a point where its among the top exporters of the grains. Not only Australia but European powers have also been stuck to their strength and this has led to their growth and also helping them to set up their businesses across the globe, Germany is a well known name in the automobile industry and they ensure that they stay where they are right now, they have always been concerned about technology and that perhaps is the biggest reason that Germans offer free education to all deserving so that their knowledge and skills can become more useful for the betterment of the country. Independence is the biggest tool for the survival and growth of any nation and that is where India is lagging behind, there is no denying fact that there have been foreign investments and big multinationals have set up their base in India, which has led to the increase in employment and economic stability¬† however major concern remains the same as independence of this republic is nowhere to be seen, therefore all that can be concluded is, we all can make India shine again, make it independent by focusing on agricultural equipment, dying farmers and their concerns.

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