The “Saree Man” – Breaking Stereotype

After all those gender norms we discuss in our everyday life, this Delhi guy is breaking stereotypes in his own ways. Meet Himanshu Verma, an art curator also known as the “Saree Man”.

This ” Saree Man” of India has been wearing and loving sarees for the last 12 years. He discards the belief that sarees are just something feminine and does not relate the garment to be gender specific.

His love for sarees can be felt in his Saree Festivals, which he has been organising since 2014 where he expresses his love and vision for this beautiful garment. This festival is held annually across four cities of India and Verma is planning to spread it more. The way he experiments with sarees and the way he amazingly drapes it around will leave you will you dumbstruck.

What really made Himanshu try wearing sarees was his project on redefining perceptions of masculinity where he decided to give this garment a try by making it a kind of source to redefine different ideas of masculinity. He finds saree more of an art form and a garment that can be commonly be worn by both the genders.

He finds it sad to see the generation drifting away from saree. He feels that one should wear it more often and loves the way the saree feels on his body. His festival has been attracting a lot of young women who are now interested in wearing them. But his main motive is to break the stereotype that sarees are just meant for women.

Himanshu can very well tutor with the best saree draping styles. He has a very tiny collection of 70-80 of them and always buys sarees wherever he goes. His favorite ones are something that people find too simple or are not in fashion like ilkals of Karnataka or southern cotton.

His love for sarees is so much intense that he tends to kind of worship them and ends his emails with the salutation “Jai Saree”. Himanshu’s impressive way of breaking stereotypes should get popular. Jai Saree.

For more details, check his collection on instagram

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