The Golden Thirties

Every female reaches that threshold where she is in her twenties and then BOOOM!! She is not. The Big 3-0 as they say it.  The whole transition seems like a traumatic drum roll in one’s subconscious, unleashing all the drama it can muster till it leads to the inevitable phenomenon and in the process wreaks havoc with your peace of mind.


The drama leading up to it

For the moment your dearest ones are hell personified, making the transition as hard as possible and ensuring that misery is your constant companion till the clock strikes 12 and suddenly you are on the other side. You are- ‘IT’- ‘The Women’. Your family now thinks that the line of suitors ready to take you will thin to a bare minimum and your siblings and friends take this as an irreplaceable opportunity to torment the hell out of you by sending you all horrifying post thirty trivia or worse publicly tagging you in them.

The absence of fear

But here lies the twister to the whole mayhem; there couldn’t be a greater myth. The moment you turn 30, the fear leading to it vanishes in its completeness, just like magic. It was the time bar which you had set for yourself to reach certain life goals and whether or not you’ve achieved them the bar has been reached. Now time is not a limiting factor, you can reach your dreams in their own time. Well as a testimony to that; there’s no noted trauma of turning 31. Is there?

Crushing the stereotypes

As they say, it’s the phase where you are can no longer be your frivolous twenty-year self. It’s the time to be more diligent, contained, to be precise the epitome of grace, elegance, and sobriety. Well, here lies the absolute beauty of being ‘IT’. You are no longer obliged to adhere to any of those notions. They come to you themselves… Or maybe not. It’s an age of liberation; freedom from the peer pressure, fear of acceptance, rejection and the biggest one; the fear to face yourself. It makes you accept yourself as what you are and to be amazed with it. Self-acceptance is the biggest power you have; you understand your strengths and weaknesses alike and balance them to bring out the best of you.

Accepting you

You no longer feel the need to impress anyone, because you are impressed by you. You no longer need anyone’s opinion on yourself to know your worth, who knows it better. You know what you want and what’s right for you and you strive for it, the path is clear ahead.

Looking your best develops as a reflex action

You don’t even have to try. You dress up like a deity or venture out in your shoddiest but coziest pajamas and you nail it like a Guru. You are perfect in your own zone and you know it. Self-love and self-assurance flow like a river and you love pampering yourself. You know what looks best on you, coz you’ve realized no one knows you better than the person on the other side of the mirror.

Realizing your sensuality

It’s not how Barney Stinson projected it as the end of you. It’s the rebirth of a phoenix from the ashes imbibing you with the deep and dark knowledge of your own charisma and sex appeal and thereby giving you the potent power to keep your guy or any other, running to keep up with you.


Getting over past mistakes

This is the lovely phase where you realize regrets belong in only one place; the past, which has no role to be in your present now. Every mistake teaches a life-altering lesson and changes you for the better.

Judging better

This is the time when you are actually able to figure people out and realize who are meant to stay and the ones who are just passing through. Hence it signifies stronger bonds and lasting love as you make effort for those who appreciate you and return it. You no longer pine for the things lost and the people gone; they are not there for a reason.

Adopting Realism

It forms the core of you, you know your limitations and you are not threatened by it, thereby enabling you to work on your strengths instead. It’s such a wonderful phase of attaining that ultimate self-power and the peace which it brings along with it. You are mature, smart and flow in the warmth of this self-realization.

Power of You

You are not the same gullible female. Being submissive out of insecurities has lost its age. Same goes for being manipulated, gone are the days. You are brave enough to acknowledge your own ideas and take on things and sound them out loud.

Not caring what others think about you

You know what you think about yourself and that’s more than enough. You can sing at the top of your lungs or dance till your feet drop, the fear of being judged does not exist anymore. So anyone who tries to look down, well just let them, who cares anyway.

It is your own golden era, where you frame your own manual, don’t let anyone else let you think otherwise. You are your own driver and your own car, so go decide what model you want it to be.

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