The Awakened One

Draped in a cloth,
Lost in a trance.
In Sarnath, your pilgrims are waiting for your glance.
At the top,
In gold, You sit.
In countries stretched and shrines even from the West.
Somewhere with lanterns in the air,
And somewhere with lanterns floating on a lake,
Even the music dances in your prayers.
With the incense lighted,
Fragrance opening the nostrils,
We, decked in white, only smile.
The saga of your Nirvana continues still,
O’ Buddha, taste my share of offerings
Like the kheer you tasted.
Consider us the ‘Sujata’ you met on a starving day.
With folded hands,we stand.
Teach us again what we did not understand.
Teach us the noble truth;
Of Suffering.
Teach us the Ultimate Truth;
To Nirvana.
Teach us the ‘Right’.

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