The art of saving by a spendthrift – The Beginning

We are living in a world where our expenses are limitless. Necessities kept aside, the focus is being diverted towards luxuries. I do not see any harm in thinking about luxuries. But, not everyone can afford it. The ones who can either have fortuned lot of money left by their forefathers/ancestors or the ones who have toiled hard and made smart investments to accumulate wealth over a period.

Now, a question arises in our mind. Why can’t we all be smart enough to save enough, invest wisely, and then be a spendthrift as most of us would like to be? There are numerous ways to earn money, isn’t it? Business, job, freelancing, and many more. The entire lifecycle of business is a high-risk affair and the aspect of returns purely depend on how it fares out to be.

Sustainability is becoming difficult for most businesses considering the level of competition in the current scenario. ‘Fortune favors the brave’ suits those who have been able to sustain in the market by overcoming all the challenges or hurdles. Running our own business gives us that sense of pride and satisfaction. Efforts involved in setting up businesses is monumental and the same holds true for finding a job that fits our aspirations.

Not many of us are doing jobs that we love or we like. Most of us may contradict this statement of mine but it’s a known fact in today’s world. Fortunate are the ones who get to do what they love though. One must be wondering Why am I stressing about business and jobs? These are primary sources to generate income quite obviously. But, do they really help us in accumulating wealth? I would say no.

Let’s just quickly try to understand what ‘wealth’ means and then we can pull the trigger and get into the investment aspect which is the heart of this article. Wealth in simple terms is the amount of money one has been able to save apart from your derived income. How do you go about making investments that reap benefits in the long run?

If you just got curious by reading all of this, we will kill it tomorrow. Patience is the first step after all 🙂

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