Remembering Kabir Das on his Jayanti

From times unknown Indian history is glorified with names of great men who served the nation with their noble deeds, one such name is Saint Kabir Das.

The medieval period of Indian history witnessed a  Major approach to Bhakti Movement. This movement included practices of Sufism, Hinduism and a number of other religious and devotional beliefs.

Some of his famous writings include ‘Sakhi Granth’, ‘Anurag Sagar’, ‘Bijak’ and ‘Kabir Granthawali’. A religious community known as ‘Kabir Panth’ was founded by him and the members of this forum are referred as ‘Kabir Panthis’, implying the followers of Kabir Das.

Let’s celebrate his Jayanti by remembering some of his Dohas:

On knowledge and LoveMeaning: Even after reading a thousand books, no one could become a scholar. Instead, if people can understand love, they will become true pundits!


On WorkMeaning: Kabir Das says do not procrastinate your work. Do whatever you have to do today. For, you might not live tomorrow!


On Prayer and AskingMeaning: Kabir Das says he wants enough from God to survive and serve his guests.


On ThoughtsMeaning: Bad thoughts are like poison and good thoughts are like an elixir.


On Eating and Drinking Meaning: We become what we eat and we speak what we drink


Kabir Das has written “Dohas” on every topic and he was a true believer that God exists within each one of us. A great man, truly!

Edited by: Aditya Jiddu

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