Radhika Khanna: A Hero of Today

Meet Dr. Radhika Khanna, a National Award winner who has helped many mentally challenged girls to live a life of dignity from the past 20+ years. She is the owner of Om Creations Trust, which was started 25 years ago, helping special people chase their dreams and become independent by becoming integral part of the society.

Radhika Khanna

Radhika, during her college days, was inspired by a school principal of mentally-challenged students, who could easily connect with the students. She then had her doctorate in special education. During her doctorate, she had put all her heart and soul working and learning about such people. She then started Om Creations in 1991.

She had the initiative to provide a life of dignity to her students. She planned a five-year long diploma course which included painting, sculpting, baking, cooking, chocolate making, etc. All this is taught at SPJ Sadhna School where students above three years of age are enrolled. After the course is completed, the girls go to Om Creations where girls work in their area of interest. Om Creations has three centers across Mumbai.

The reason behind having courses like cooking, baking, sculpting, painting, etc is because mentally challenged people tend to calm down when enrolled with colors or other art forms. Radhika had learned all this during her volunteering in college days.

She had to face many challenges initially as she had to deal with difficult behavior and mindset of the society that the girls could do nothing. But Dr. Khanna stands all proud as her organisation has a 93% success rate.

Radhika’s main aim is to also make sure that her girls are paid well and they live a life of dignity and are not taken as a burden on their families. Mostly the girls that join Om Creations are from a low income background. After completing their course, they earn and help their family in financial terms.

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It is because of people like Dr. Khanna that the faith in humanity and goodness is restored.

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