Ocean’s 8: Well If It Is Not Broken…

Ocean’s 8 is the fourth movie in the Ocean’s franchise and acts as a sequel/spinoff to the first three installments. The movie follows the character of Debbie Ocean played by the phenomenal actress Sandra Bullock. This is another heist film where Debbie brings together a group of capable female characters to rob a, and here is the big twist, Diamond Necklace. I do not want it to sound like it was a bad movie, it was not. It was a fun heist film with good characters and better performances, but the thing that bothered me about the film was that it was just a gimmick. The whole point of this movie seemed like, what would it be like to remake the Ocean’s 11 again, but this time all the characters would be female? And that is all that this movie answers. From the first scene, the movie follows the format that Steven Soderbergh laid down in the Ocean’s 11. So if I were to replace all these female characters in the movie and change the object of robbery, this could easily be an Ocean’s 14.


Cast of Ocean’s 8 with director Garry Ross

Garry Ross directed and co-wrote this movie and the kind of sense I got from his direction was that he was trying to emulate the style of Soderbergh with similar shots and frames. And I can say that I understand that it might have been a conscious decision to make the film look like it belonged to the same universe, however, it looked like the style was being copied. And it was very distracting. if you have seen the first movie in this rebooted franchise then it is safe to say that you know what is going to happen in the movie, with an exception of a few things.


Still from Ocean’s 8 movie

The story of the movie is similar to what we have already seen in many other heist movies, which is not necessarily the worst thing considering a heist movie is going to have a certain kind of story beats. The major culprit of the movie was its screenplay. The dialogues in the movie are quite boring. Whenever the characters are talking about the heist, the movie kind of becomes more interesting, at all other times, the dialogues and the banter between the characters just seemed unnecessary. The script seems to have potential and there were several moments when it kind of dropped the ball which was very frustrating at times. I often got the feeling that the movie was too afraid to do anything new because the all-female cast was already a big risk, which sounds ridiculous if we see the awesome actresses that are a part of this ensemble.


Credit: Press

The Movie stars Sandra Bullock, Kate Blanchet, Ann Hathaway, Rihanna and many other A-list actresses. And as expected all of them were amazing in their roles. The character played by Rihanna was a little bothersome at the beginning but her performance as a pothead nerd really grew on me and she ended up being one of the standouts in the film. Ann Hathaway is amazing. She did not have a lot of material to work with for her, but the amount she was given she did not just perform well, she elevated it to the next level. All the side performances were great and fitted their par perfectly.


The one thing aside from the performances in the movie that stood out to me was the costume design. Usually, I am not the one to notice what the characters wear in a film but in this film, the costumes for all the characters were nothing short of brilliant and to the point. Another thing that I really liked was the heist. Whenever anything related to the heist came up, it got me hooked. Sadly, the main part of that heist is in the third act of the film.


In my opinion, it was a nice fun summer movie. Anyone can watch this movie gain a lot of enjoyment out of it, but I expected more from the film. I would regard this movie as an average heist movie with great performances and a ton of untapped potential. The most disappointing part for me was that it did not have anything new to offer to the franchise or to the genre as a whole, and in today’s time when we don’t get great heist movies too often, it was really disappointing.

I think this movie would do quite well at the box office and we will get a sequel, and that is when we might get to see more original aspects of an all-female heist movie.

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