Mission Impossible Review: You will Fall Out Of Your Chairs

I finally got a chance to watch the latest installment of one of the best action adventure franchises running today, Mission Impossible: Fallout. Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt and delivers one of the best action films I have seen in a very long time. The level of stunt work and action choreography along with the brilliant direction and cinematography keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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And the knowledge that Tom Cruise is himself doing most of his stunts, also adds to the excitement level. Ethan Hunt and his team, during a mission, lose some plutonium and have to retrieve it back and save the world while they have a CIA assassin, played by Henry Cavill, is on their tails to keep a watch on them. The plot of the film is quite weak and generic but the film more than compensates for it with the help of its amazing action set pieces and brilliant bike and car chase sequences.


This is the first film in the franchise that has a returning director in Christopher McQuarrie who also directed the fifth movie Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

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I think this was an advantage for the film as the director had a better idea of the direction that the characters were needed to go in. This movie, as a result, feels like a proper sequel as it also the first time an antagonist has returned to be in the second installment in this franchise. It connects seamlessly into the previous movies and still manages to provide us with a standalone action film. The action sequences in the film are magnificent and brutal. We get to see each and every hard-hitting punch through a framed shot captured masterfully. The hand to hand combat scenes, the car chase sequences, the bike chase and the iconic Tom Cruise running shots, everything looks perfect.


Most of the cast from the previous film returns with an exception of Jeremy Renner whose presence, to be honest, was not missed. There are some amazing additions to the cast that includes our very own Superman, Henry Cavill, Vanessa Kirby, and Angela Bassett.

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Henry Cavil and his beautiful mustache, in my opinion, steal the show. He is an assassin and plays the part very well. Even though I had expected a very different route for the character, the direction that they went with was pretty good and yielded us an amazing performance from Superman. Vanessa Kirby, even had a very small role, did a brilliant job and I hope she would return to this role in the future. The old cast as usual does is perfect. I did with so see a bit more from the character of Rebbecca Fergguson. Simon Pegg is hilarious, and I will again be honest I don’t really like the character played by Ving Rhames.


The story of this film is one place where I can pinpoint most of my issues. The plot is taken from so many different movies that we have seen at least a hundred times. Even though whatever was happening on the screen looked amazing, I could see every element of the story coming from a mile away.

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There was nothing new in the script to offer. A generic nuclear bomb planted by the bad guy for a plan that is extremely vague and not thought out well enough. It was expecting something new and refreshing, but I left the theater disappointed in the story.

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This film to me would be the benchmark to beat for the action movies that are to come in the future. it was an amazing action thriller and a must watch in the theaters as long as you do not think about the plot that much.

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My score for the film is a 7.5 /10.

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