Mind your own business, Please!!

Can you imagine one of the biggest problems in our country? All of us face it at some stage of our lives for sure. So, let’s get to the point right away. ‘Society’ in my view is a disease that has no remedy or cure. No matter how much we try to avoid them, they would always poke into your lives. Now, most of you reading this will feel like killing me for this but it’s a well-known fact that we Indians are more interested in what is happening in others’ lives than looking into our own. Just for clarity, caring for our loved ones is an exception.

The best way to kill time for majority of the population is to gossip. This is one of the primary reasons why the media industry is growing at a rapid pace. Let’s take an example of our neighbors or even our family members as a matter of fact. If there is something troubling our parents out of their concern for us and these guys get to know about it. Trust me, this news will spread so fast that you cannot imagine and would be like a ‘breaking news’ the next day. Before you come to know about the fact from your family, you will get to know about it from the outsiders. That’s the irony of the society and I am sure majority of you will agree with me on this.

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There is a patent statement that our seniors in the family would make to give us the importance of society. That evergreen statement goes like this ‘Dear, we are living in a society and we need to be careful and should always think about the society before doing anything’. People are always concerned about what the society thinks and not what we want. I really wonder if we are even answerable to them for anything that we do as if they are our care takers or they pay for our expenses. They simply need to realize that everyone likes their own personal space without outside intervention.

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Everyone in the society needs to realize big time sooner than later that all of us have our own good thing to do and we know what to and what not to. If there are consequences for the decisions that we make, we will be responsible for it and not them. During crunch situations, its’ not them that come to our rescue but only our loved ones do. I have a classic example here to cite. Take into consideration folks who are due to get married and their parents being completely stressed out for that fact. The neighbors/society/community to our parents: when is your kid getting married/what is wrong/Do they have an affair? Parents are already stressed because of this and these guys add on to the pressure. And in the end it all comes down to us, as in our parents’ outrage!! The question then goes like this: Listen, everyone has been asking me about your marriage and I am answerable to them all. The sooner you make up your mind, the better!!

Here, I understand, family members are concerned. The outsiders, they will just enjoy the free meal at your wedding, have a ball and move out. What happens after marriage, well, that is obviously not be their concern then. So, why in the hell would they not leave us and our families alone to do what is best for us. Post marriage, they will come up with another million-dollar question in a few months: It’s been time since you guys got married, aren’t to planning to have kids?  I have seen all of these instances among my friends and families quite often and that is where this phrase came into the picture “Mind your own business, Please!!

Wouldn’t life be peaceful if people stopped intervening in our lives for all that we need to do unless they are asked for their opinion?

I am not being biased or pessimist about the Indian community or even the media as a matter of fact. Biggest enemies of celebrities and politicians would be the media. Media chases them down for every possible thing: whether it be them traveling, going out to a restaurant and the list goes on. I pity them since they cannot even walk on the streets like other normal citizens. Imagine what their family life would be, if they meet up an individual who is a stranger for the media, but of course a known figure for that celebrity/politician, the news next day would be “Breaking news!! Caught on camera for the first time”. And what happens next, I need not even say that. We are smart enough to understand that.

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“Atithi Devo Bhava” is a very famous phrase used in India meaning that anyone visiting our home/India, we treat them as ‘God’. This must be true in most of the cases since it is being promoted at some scale to bring about awareness among individuals. For the ones, who really treat them as God, hats off to them and for the rest who do not, they are a shame to the country. Basically, its’ all about showing a great deal of respect if you really mean it or just stay away from them or anyone as a matter of fact. No matter how much efforts are made, everything goes in vain. If all of this continues, I do not see our country growing even for the next few centuries. It’s all about showing a sense of self responsibility. Only then will we be able to see some transformation in every aspect.

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I think I will drop my thinking hat here otherwise there will be no end to my fury. The motive behind me writing this article was to pass on a simple message to the ‘SOCIETY’, ‘LIVE and LET LIVE’. All of our lives will be easier that way.

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