Just when we thought we knew about Dumbledore’s past – Crimes Of Grindelwald (spoilers and theories)

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald (Again note spoilers ahead) – Another Dumbledore’s family secret


Who is Aurelius Dumbledore?


After a lot of twists and prolonging, right at the end of the movie, it is revealed by Gellert Grindelwald to Credence Barebones that he is actually Aurelius Dumbledore. The whole movie was more on Credence trying to find out about his parentage than about the fantastic beats. But we always thought Dumbledore had a brother – Aberforth, and a sister – Ariana. Where does Credence fit in here?

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Some theories…


There are many theories and discussions on this. The simplest being – Is Grindelwald lying? We feel that will kill the whole story but then a phoenix comes to Credence’s aid which supports the fact he is a Dumbledore as mentioned in the earlier scenes where Albus tells Newt that phoenixes tend to present themselves to Dumbledores. It is highly unlikely that Grindelwald is lying however he is manipulating the truth as he cannot kill Albus Dumbledore due to the blood pact. He wants Credence who is powerful because of his Obscurus to do that for him. Credence is seen taking care of the young chick (Phoenix) in the second half of the movie.

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It can be that Ariana’s Obscurus attached itself to a near family member or Credence’s Obscurus merged with Ariana’s when she died which made him a Dumbledore. Credence may also be just Ariana’s Obscurus in a human form. Grindelwald posing as Graves asked Credence to find a young child with magical power. He must have assumed the child was young as Obscurus live in young children and he might be tracking Ariana’s Obscurus.

Some would say that Credence is Ariana’s son when the muggle boys harmed her at a young age however that seems unlikely as she was very young at that time, she also probably died before Credence is born.

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It can be said as the child was switched by Leta in the ship they were traveling, at a young age, the caretaker of the child may not have revealed that such a child existed as it might be in vain, as per them it was Aurelius who was dead not knowing it was actually Corvus.

Credence could be Dumbledore’s Aunt’s son that would make Credence his cousin. Kendra Dumbledore might not be Credence’s mother as she died even before Ariana died or Credence was born. However, there is a possibility that Percival Dumbledore fathered a child in Azkaban and that was a brother which Albus Dumbledore knew about and must have confided in Grindelwald.  I also think that somehow Albus Dumbledore managed to free his father from Azkaban.

The theories are numerous however we are as shocked as Harry Potter was when the life of Dumbledore was unfolding to him in the Deathly Hallows. Just when we thought we knew about Dumbledore our concepts are shaken and the whole backstory seems to have changed.

If you have any theories about Aurelius Dumbledore, please comment and let us know as it will be a pain waiting for Fantastic Beasts part 3 which is said to release in November 2020 where  Jk Rowling may reveal more on the heritage. Hoping that Newt can somehow save the day!

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