iPhones Vs Oneplus – Review and Comparison

So here it is the big announcement for all the iPhone fanatics have been waiting for. Apple recently announced its three new variants of the iPhone as iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and a so-called budget friendly variant iPhone XR. So let’s get deep into the analysis, as we all techno freaks do and compare its features. Also to answer the biggest question “what innovation does it have to offer?” So let’s talk about the premium XS and XS Max version. Apple seems to have adopted a new naming scheme instead of numbers now that appears to be inspired by Android.

XS and XS Max

The XS and XS Max versions are somewhere around 1000$ and 1100$+ range respectively. However, they aren’t all that exciting if we look into them.

Both XS and XS Max version comes with 5.8-inch OLED display and 6.5-inch OLED display respectively. Not much has been improved from iPhone X but the on-screen fingerprint sensors are now gone so it’s all gesture based.

Apple claims to provide an A12 bionic processor that is 15 percent faster than last year’s iPhone X. The one feature which might be bugging the tech enthusiasts is that they announced, a dual sim feature like they have struck gold. Non iOS providers have been providing this feature, since the last decade or so. Too much hype for a lesser content, with prices being high, just because, its an iphone!

XS version comes with highest 256GB storage and XS Max with 512GB storage.

iPhone XR

Now to talk about the controversial phone in this announcement – iPhone XR. There are not many explanations for the name XR. But if Apple was claiming to fight its flagship killers like OnePlus with this, then they are wrong. Announced at a starting price of 700$ it features a single camera and 5.9-inch LCD display and lesser degraded features. It’s almost a reboot of iPhone 8. If Apple was being truthful about it’s XR version and had analyzed the fierce market condition and opportunities in the markets like India and China, they wouldn’t have disregarded the fact that android versions are providing considerably much more in lesser prices. So it seems from the verdict of all the ‘gurus’ that iPhone XR might be Apple’s great failure. But let’s wait for the results.


These days an original flagship killer brand ‘OnePlus’ is killing it in the populated parts of the world, with it’s OnePlus 6 and 6T variants. And to add, brands like Xiaomi and Asus are to launch more devices, which could be called the flagship killer killers as they provide the same features in lesser prices. It can be said that the smartphone market in the world is hotter than ever, and choices are vast too.

Samsung Vs Apple Vs OnePlus

Let’s have a quick comparison between our major flagships Samsung and Apple’s new launches and the original flagship killer OnePlus. Samsung announced Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and let’s see where it stands with OnePlus and Apple XS range. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with super AMOLED 6.4-inch screen with corning gorilla glass 5, a 512GB internal and 8GB RAM top version with a rear-mounted fingerprint, dual main cameras (12mp+12mp), an iris scanner, SDM 845 and a dominant octa-core supported by 4000mAh battery announced to have quick charge.

OnePlus 6 comes with optic AMOLED 6.28-inch screen with same gorilla glass 5, 256gb internal and 8gb RAM top variant, SDM 845 and powerful octa-core supported by 3300mAh fast charging battery and rear-mounted fingerprint scanner and rear dual cameras.

Let’s compare the price where iPhone XS Max starts from 1100$, OnePlus 6 top variant is of around 579$ and whereas Samsung will start from 999$ and will go up from there.

My verdict would be that it is a matter of choice where you want to stick with your premium flagship either it’s esteem or your faith in its quality or whether you would like to explore all the options, including cheaper ones that might provide you almost the same experience.

Have a happy smartphone experience and do write back your opinions or advice in the comment.

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