Incredibles 2: Was It An Incredible Return?

Incredibles 2 is one of the most awaited sequels of all time. The first part “The Incredibles” was released in 2004, the same year my sister was born, and that makes me feel so darn old. 2 days before the release, I and my sister saw the first part so that we can immerse ourselves into this world where superheroes were once loved and appreciated but are now deemed illegal. Mr. Incredible and his family have to go back to a normal/dull life where they are not allowed to use their abilities. Incredibles 2 is the perfect sequel to that story. It picks up exactly where the first one left us, the characters are the exact same and the events of the first one still have an impact on this one. The movie is extremely funny and almost all the jokes land. However, for a movie that I have waited for since the release, it did let me down.


Brad Bird, director of The Incredibles 2

The film is directed by the returning Brad Bird, who has also directed movies like ‘The Iron Giant’ and ‘Ratatouille’. He is an amazing director for animation movies and his skills are at full display in this movie. All the shots are beautifully directed and all the characters are flushed out well and one can see where all of them are coming from. The action sequences are riveting and will bring you to the edge of your seats even though we are watching animated characters on the screen.


This, in my opinion, was the best aspect of the movie. Pixar has again upped the standards for animation. The level of detailing that was visible in this movie is astounding to me. At one point I could see little hair on one of the characters arms moving with the wind. The animation almost blew my mind and the best part was that in one scene a character was watching a cartoon which was animated in the 2D format. The Animation of this movie got me very excited for all the future projects of Disney and Pixar. The 3D was also more than just a gimmick; the depth perception in the action sequences was brilliant.

The lighting of each and every frame is fantastic throughout the movie. There are scenes that are supposed to take place in the dark, yet every character movement is so clear. It is its own character; it is so vibrant that one cannot take their eyes away from the screen even for a second. It is easily one of my favorite aspects of the film.


The voice performances of all the characters are seamless. The old characters from the last movie carry over just perfect without missing a single beat. The new characters also have equally compelling performances. The biggest standouts for me were Huck Milner as Dash, Brad Bird as Edna Mode, and amongst the new comers Catherine Keener as Evelyn Deavor, special mention to Samuel l. Jackson for bringing his charm to the character of Frozone. Even after a long gap of 14 years the character voices sound exactly the same with even better texture which was a very impressive feat. for me.


This is the aspect of the movie that I have major problems with. Before I go on about what and why, my sister loved the story as well. This, to me, indicates that the movie is way more appealing to the kids, which it should. But this is also my main concerns. I go into a Pixar film expecting a story that is not just appealing to the kids but also has brilliant material for the adults with deeper themes more complex plots. Movies like Up, Inside Out, Toy Story, and Wall-E are some of the prime examples. And whiles Incredibles 2 did not lack depth and message for the adults; it did fall short on presenting a good plot. The whole movie is based around the Incredibles family trying to make supers legal. Even though it is a very interesting direction to take the franchise in, the execution made it seem like it would have better served as a sub-plot. Without getting into the spoilers, the main villain, the Screenslaver, was extremely lackluster, his plan made no sense and was only slightly saved by the performances of the actors.

Also the film tried the old gender switch thing where the female goes to work and the male stays home to take care of the house. And it gave us some of the more funny moments in the film along with some great character moments with Mr. Incredible, it limited his role to being at home all the time and gave him almost no adventures that we so much enjoyed in the last installment. There were several moments in the mission of Elastigirl where I felt that I was missing him. He is the heart of the two films and I wanted to have a little more fun with him. Even in the end his role was extremely limited.

The third act in the story is almost brilliant. There is a great action set piece but it is followed by an end that just did not seem appropriate. The threat was not even close to the one they faced in the last film and the heroes almost won a little too easily. This was a major turn off for me, but as I said before, my sister found it very exciting and loved every minute of the movie.


In the end I would say that this is an extremely fun movie with extraordinary visuals and animation. But the film does not try to go beyond that fun. It is the perfect sequel that came little too late. However, the long wait for it has put it in a position to be possibly the most profitable animation film of all time.

I would give this movie a strong 7 out of 10 and would definitely recommend you to check it out in the theater.

P.S. Jack-Jack is arguably the cutest animated character depicted on a screen. I could not get enough of him.

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