Inatur Kakumadi Facial Serum

Inatur Kumkumadi Facial Serum Review

I came to know about Inatur while shopping at New Delhi. I came across a shop at the exit of DLF Saket Mall. So, as I am a fan of herbal products the brand Inatur attracted me. So, Inatur did have oil control face-wash but as I was facing dryness and pimples at the same time so I did not even consider it.

The sales consultant knew my pulse and immediately cleaned my face with the Inatur Herbals cucumber toner – by the way it was nice as it was in a spray bottle so apart from the cool cucumber even the droplets made my skin feel light and cool. I wanted to get that but my sister told me how much I earn right on my face.

So, after that, she got the Inatur Kumkumadi Facial Serum. They told me that it is one of the bestselling products. And told me to apply it before the sunscreen when going out or just like that at night as a night face serum.

The sales consultant said that not only will it help me fight acne and clear my complexion – but also clear my blemishes and it’s organic so what’s the harm. Well, it did harm my pocket- Rs. 1,250 INR for just 15 g but I took it anyway. As I was in desperate need of a travel buddy to replenish my skin.

 Inatur Kakumadi Facial Serum

So now the main review of the Inatur Kumkumadi Facial Serum. This is a super honest review and no way has Inatur bribed me (I wish they did!). The person said as the Inatur products are herbal so they take time and not to expect an immediate effect but a long lasting one. So as my skin was dry, dull and full of acne. To make things worse I was going to a hill station which would perfectly dry it up more.

Thinking this was the perfect time I used the Kumkumadi Facial Serum as my mother was continuously nagging me that she would disown me.

So, as soon as I applied it. I felt my skin stretch and it quickly dried up which was funny as the instructions said to apply in circular motions but there was no time.

I thought it was a bad idea as yes, the collagen affects and tightening effect was there but I thought it will leave my skin stretched and dry. I was proved wrong in 10 seconds. Once the serum sunk into my skin it was totally absorbed by it. And the feel was great. Did not feel I had applied anything and as there are so many oils present in the serum my skin did not feel dry at oil.

After a week of day and night application of only the Kakumadi Facial Serum sometimes accompanied by a sunscreen gel, I noticed an immediate change in my complexion. My skin was glowing. Lesser blemishes and it seemed like a hydrated and happy skin. Sometimes during the day I also used the Blossom Kochar Sunscreen Gel. (If you need help in finding a good sunscreen you can read about it by clicking here)

 Inatur Kakumadi Facial Serum

Although it did not work on my acne that much and that’s what the consultant said- give it time. It did decrease them in size slightly and I can vouch that it was the serum as I was eating a lot of junk. So, it did not decrease them in number but in size and did not allow more breakouts. Also, the ones which were hurting me did not hurt anymore.

Dark circles, there was not much of a difference but overall the skin texture including the skin of under eye did improve after using the Inatur Kakumadi Facial Serum.

So the ingredients of the I have copied from the website of Inatur:
“Saffron oil- that gives radiance and glow to the skin, Almond oil- a rich source of vitamins and minerals that gently helps to dislodge skin deep debris, Jasmine oil- treats dehydrated skin, Licorice- helps diminish age lines and discoloration, Manjishtha- works against skin conditions like pigmentation, Orange oil- that fights signs of ageing and promotes collagen production, Rose oil- which helps to clear acne and prevent wrinkles, Sesame oil- nourishes skin from within and makes it soft, Turmeric extracts- that helps to lighten and brighten the skin and Vetiver- that reduces dark spots and evens the skin tone.”

Pros of the Inatur Kakumadi Facial Serum:

1. Definitely works on improving skin texture
2. Does reduce the size temperament of the acne
3. The bottle is easy to carry
4. The pump system makes it easy to use and does not spill the product
5. I love the saffron smell it has, which lasted for about a few seconds
6. The Inatur Kakumadi Facial serum makes your skin stretch for few seconds so you definitely know that skin tightening is taking place
7. It does not dry out your skin so if you have acne even on dry skin this is perfect

Cons of the Inatur Kakumadi Facial Serum:

1. If you are a salaried person Inatur Kakumadi Facial Serum takes a lot of chunk of your salary
2. While applying if your face is not damp, it does not spread that easily as it dries very soon

Will I recommend this Inatur Facial Serum?

Yes, it’s a definite yes! You can buy directly from the Inatur store from online stores as Nykaa, Amazon or Inatur itself.

I hope you liked this Inatur Kakumadi Facial Serum ReviewThe other products I am looking forward to trying out and review are of course the cucumber toner and the Inatur argon oil shampoo.

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