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Let’s go back to the last century or say a few decades back and refresh our memories. How did we go about cooking? I always understood from my elders that it used to happen using a combination of wood, coal, and utensils or vessels made out of clay predominantly. How did long distance communication take place? They had these postcards or they had to walk their way to meet their loved ones. The feeling of receiving a hand written letter was incomparable. How were homes made? Majority of them using just clay, stones, and marbles which I imagined were strong enough to weather a storm. Not sure if there were as many natural calamities then though, since they did not play around with nature like we are doing today. Take Taj Mahal and age old forts for example. They still stand strong. What were the sources of entertainment/games for their generation? Kancha or Marbles, Gilli Danda, Chhupam Chhupai or Hide-n-Seek, Chor-Sipahi, and Hopscotch or Stapoo, among many others. I am very sure all of these will bring about a feeling within all of us to relive those good old days.

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Before I continue, let me tell you, the root cause of growing concerns in today’s world is the population (more so because it lacks quality and is only rising in number or quantity). Let’s take a leap into the so called tech savvy world or the dotcom (.com) generation as I would like to call it. Microwaves, convention ovens, utensils of all kinds have replaced our traditional methods of cooking. You name it and they have it. Does it give you the same old taste? I would say a big ‘NO’. Electronic Mails (E-mails) and mobile phones have replaced all forms of communication. We end up talking so often that the sense of joy does not exist to be very honest. We have big spacious houses and every possible thing to take care of our comfort levels. But, most of them only end up being a house and not a home. The world has become too materialistic. We barely find time for our loved ones. I predict that the future generation is only going to be worse in this regard. Kids born in the recent past have become so addicted to mobile phones and tablets that the day isn’t far when a newborn’s head ‘pops out’ of mum’s stomach with a phone or a tablet in its hand. Video games and arcades have replaced the old school games.

All of us have to move on in lives and follow the current trends and I am pretty sure there is no escaping this fact. The ever growing technology has significantly contributed towards tremendous rise in the number of transportation means coming up. Is it doing any good to us? Of course, it takes us to places in no time with utmost comfort. Numerous industries are venturing into the market trying to invent everything possible as per our desires. The need for human intervention is decreasing as the days go by. What is happening at the backend of all of this though? Most of us know, but I am sure are living with a blind eye and deaf ears though. Each of us is responsible for the natural calamities happening around the globe. The amount of pollution exposed out of the outdated vehicles and greenhouse effect as a result of growing manufacturing industries/factories is just going out of our imagination. Glaciers are melting at a rapid pace and is hinting towards the end of this world sooner than later. Blink of an eye and everything will be washed out. All that we breathe in and breathe out all day long is polluted air. Fresh air will be extinct someday. I must be surely sounding like one frustrated Indian here :p. It’s only an effort to bring you all back to reality though.

I know we all have a hell lot of responsibilities on our shoulders every passing day and it only goes to the next level. We are so engrossed in the technology and the technological advancements that it will be a reason for our bane if used inappropriately. The pace at which things are moving forward seem impressive, be it automation of tasks that were done manually or artificial intelligence pitching in. I agree that every bit of it is man-made and will require manual intervention. But, look at the broader picture and imagine the amount of job cuts. There sure must be a solution in time to come but trust me it is scary and the future looks gloomy for the ones who will not be able to keep themselves updated as per the market trends.

Ever thought where would that chunk of population go? There was a time when 70 percent of our GDP used to come from agriculture. At some point of time, we will have to go back to our roots and the sooner the better. No matter what you do or where you are, you can exist without that bloody .com but existence without food? Even God cannot save you there. First and foremost aspect to remember would be to respect the Mother Nature and our mother land. That is what feeds us day in and day out. The demand-supply ratio of quality food is nowhere even close to the breakeven levels. The more we draw our attention towards conserving the nature, the better it will be for our existence.

If there is a dip in the stock markets in Europe or the US, we are taken for a toss as well. Why??? Purely thanks to the level of our dependency for jobs on these places. Wouldn’t all of us want to see ourselves being self-sufficient? Our country has so much of fertile soil and the fact is known globally. Where do you think the best of the crop or fruit grown in our country goes? They are exported to the far off places because they at least know its real value in terms of quality and health benefits. What we are incorporating from their countries is junk and I literally mean pure junk which does not do any good. Not that we need to boycott it altogether but we can make some effort to cut down on it. Our country is known for producing best cotton textiles. What happens to it? It is sold to the big brands offshore, it gets a tag on the finished product and the same thing comes back to India and we end up paying a fortune for it. We can never stop being conscious about our brand image and status…Can we??


Well Well Well… There can be no end to my passion for writing for sure. I believe we just need to have that little sense of responsibility towards our families, nation, and the world on the whole. Existence without .com is still possible but co-existing and making its best use will make us a lethal force. We are not just here to lead a mechanical life, there has to be a meaning to our existence. So be someone who wants to serve this mankind/nature on the whole, even if it’s at a micro level.


Most of all, live, laugh, and love…Life is too short!!!

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