Hunkar – A Citizens Protest against Rape Culture

Hunkar is a voice raised against Rape culture. It is a question asking when was the last day when one among us was not raped. It is a scream that has been mutilated every time a girl gets raped, a choice over our body. A basic human right of not getting raped. It is a realization that we need to come together in solidarity to fight back against this rape culture that has been existing in our society since ages. It is a roar for #NotOneMore.


There is not a single day when we do not hear of a rape case. These cases that we come across are the registered ones which ignite the question on unregistered cases or the cases where women have not even informed their families about what has happened or where the victim has been killed and murdered by the rapists to set themselves free.


No matter how much we progress at the Global Economic Index, we have still failed our women and children. We have failed our society and culture, and we are failing every day, at every 20- minutes when a woman is raped at some corner of the country.


According to the NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) data for 2016, in India, incidents of rape of children have increased by 82%, it also shows that 19,765- cases of rape under 376 of the IPC and Section 4 and 6 of the POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) have been registered. The spike in the number of such incidents has, unfortunately, normalized us to rapes and it takes the brutality of certain cases to move us.

Hunkar has been created to call out that this normalization of rape is not right, it is to call out towards our backwardness, to remind ourselves that we are failing, and we need to try harder by coming together.


It is sad and unfortunate that people have accepted that rape which is happening on a daily basis is an evil that we cannot get rid of. It makes us question, that are we so lethargic that we cannot raise our voices or have we excelled at the art of silently tolerating everything happens around us. Is it a fear that we cannot change or the insignificance that we see in every action, until and unless it harms us directly


Remember when the nations like Spain (feminist strike) and the US (women’s march) can protest for their rights, why can’t we? What would it take to come out of our houses to stand by each other? This is the time to leave our comfort zones, our workplaces, schools and colleges, kitchens, shops, workshops, our religious places, our homes and unite together to stand by each other against #RAPECULTURE.


Hunkar is not a momentary voice, it is all around us, in every action we take to fight back against what is wrong, every action we take to change the mindsets, our small initiatives, steps in the direction of a better world, a better society.

About The Author

Nupur Rastogi

An Educationist by Passion, Traveller by Heart and Feminist by Choice. She loves reading books, discussing ideas and writing her experiences. She believes that her Life is in process, creating a story to be written at its temporal end.

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