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‘Vuut Aaya, Bhagoo’- Where Will You Scream Like This in India?

Ghost! Ghost stories! spooky experiences! All these things always excite me from childhood. I’ve spent nights in so-called haunted houses, roam around in burial grounds and even tried to do planchette also (got some eerie experience, will tell some other day). But, those were really naïve attempts. After reading so many ghost stories in different languages and watching horror movies, I have made an opinion about it. Maybe ghosts are there, but what maximum people claim to have experienced are mainly stories from books, or incidents, heard from someone else. Nobody has the first-hand experience.

No. Wait! I am going all WRONG! How can I forget about certain places which are famous for haunted places around the world? And to find such places, you don’t need to go to any foreign lands. You will find such scary places at your doorstep; yes, in India. Today, we will have a tour of these places and make our monsoon night full of excitement.

  1. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

haunted places in india

Source: ancient.eu

Have you seen the board, given by the archaeological department of India? It states clearly that no one should enter the fort after sunset. When wind flows through the empty casements of the fort, it tells a story of the curse on this castle. Once upon a time, there was an evil magician who falls in love with the princess of Bhangarh. But, his motive to capture the throne never get succeeded and he destroyed the town. Once you are there, you can feel the eerie feeling, even during the day.

  1. Brij Raj Bhavan, Kota

haunted places in india

Who says ghosts are always scary and harmful? In this 19th century palace-turned-hotel, you may meet the ghost of Major Burton who is harmless. He was killed by the Indian Sepoys during Sepoy Mutiny. Now, he just likes to roam around the building and slaps the guards if he finds them sleeping during the duty hour.

  1. Dumas Beach, Gujarat

haunted places in india

Source: nativeplanet

Located near Surat, this beach is really spooky. Actually, this beach was used as the Hindu burial ground for a long time. So, it is quite sure that this must be the resting places of the bereaved souls. There are incidents like missing people and never finding them. The wind blows here fiercely and you will see people stopping visitors from crossing a certain line.

  1. Kuldhara, Rajasthan

haunted places in india

Source: tripadvisor

The history of Kuldhara is just weird. Local people say it became empty just overnight. Once we talked to them to know more, they said that once the minister of the state threatened the villagers with huge tax as they stop him to marry the daughter of the chieftain, forcefully. This made all the villagers leave the village overnight. But, they cursed it that none ever can live there. If you visit Kuldhara, you will find, deserted houses, scattered utensils, and other household items, etc. It seems that people have just left their house and will start living again once they are back.

  1. D’Souza Chawl, Mahim

haunted places in india

Source: scoopify.org

There is a haunted well where a lady suicide once. From then on, the dwellers see the apparition of a lady, wearing white roam around the place. She is harmless, but she appears every night to enact the same thing and vanishes in the morning. It seems she is trapped in the time cycle and can’t find salvation, only to relive the pain again and again. People have also heard sounds of wailing in the midnight.

  1. GP Block, Meerut

haunted places in india

Source: patrika

This place is considered as the scariest places in North India. This place is full of numerous ghosts. People get to see a girl, dressed in a red dress while others have witnessed a man, drinking outside the building. There are people who have seen the shadows and cloudy bodies which vanished into the air when they went close.

  1. Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

haunted places in india

Source: youtube

This historical and archaeological place is also famous for its haunted incidents. People get mesmerized by the architectural work on the fort while they feel creepy at the ghost stories of this place. Once a young prince was brutally murdered inside the fort. He got no response from his nearest relatives as they conspired against him. Till now, the shrill voice of the kid floats around the fort who ran for life but failed. On the full moon night, the supernatural activities increases.

  1. Graveyard, Dagshai

haunted places in india

Graveyards are always scary. That is completely a different world from ours. And we have no right to disturb them who lies there peacefully (or planning something?). But, as I said earlier, ghosts are not always bad. An 8-month pregnant wife of a British Army Officer was buried here after death. There is a marble structure of a lady with a baby. According to local superstition, women of the village always get a baby boy at the blessing of that lady. Such a gender discriminating ghost!

We could only list a few places. There are more that can’t be included here for limitation of words. If you like it, we will be back to you with such stories again. Oh! I forgot. Don’t go to the bathroom without waking up your partner! Or, is it your partner lying beside you?………….

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