Happy Birthday to the God of Cricket – Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, maybe the only name in cricketing history which ignites a sense of respect towards this magnificent sport, cricket. As mammoth as his records are, his down to earth nature many a times overshadowed his sport. A man so humble that even the Aussies feel short of their sledging.

With the physical appearance of being short and little, his approach towards the best of speedsters, swing men and spinners was aggressive, yet swift. He earned himself and the Indian Cricket Team many trophies and accords, but along with them, he earned India a long-awaited respect, face, and recognition on the international platform in world sport.

His bond with his cricket bat earned him a lot of nicknames too, such as Master Blaster, Little Master, but the one that best describes him is the God of Cricket. He credited cricket with the tag of religion in India. This man advertised the wonders of this sport through his era-defining skills. Finding a dent in his humongous career is like finding a needle in the haystack but the fact is you won’t find one.

Like any success story, his too involves a great deal of drudgery, an uphill battle. But what sets him apart is the jillion sum of devotion and courage to get better every day. It requires one an undescribable count of courage to face the likes of Wakar Younis, getting injured and later on to score a blasting half-century in just 18 balls.
Whenever I saw him in partnership with Sehwag, Dravid or Ganguly, or against the bowlers such as McGrath, Lee or Akhtar, greatest too in their game, I was like, ” What did I do to deserve this sight? ”

His life is not only the prodigious showcase of his skills and talent in cricket, but is also the lesson for anyone on how to excel as a human being with not a pinch of pride. He has been an inspiration to this generation, generation before us and surely will be to the coming ones.

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