Get Over GOT, Sacred Games Is the Latest Dose of Thrill and Suspense

If someone asks me why should anyone watch Sacred Games or why did I watch it in the first place, my first three reasons will be, Nawazuddin, Nawazuddin, and Nawazuddin. There is no doubt that the brilliant acting of this one man has created the majority of the buzz around this Indian web tv series on Netflix. And if you somehow manage to get over the Siddiqui frenzy, and ask me for other convincing reasons to settle for a whole night Sacred Games watch, then also there are plenty of other reasons.

Nawazuddin as Ganesh Gaitonde

Yes, Sacred Games can be considered to be the milestone in the genre of Indian crime thriller television series. Once the first season of it aired on Netflix, just like hundreds and thousands of others I could not resist myself but watch this web series and became a fan again of the lead character Ganesh Gaitonde. Did I mention Nawazuddin again! (Grin…. Grin….)

Like me, those who are a huge fan of the Game of Thrones series, you can count on Sacred Games as it won’t let you down as long as an engaging story with super suspense and thrills are concerned. So, without giving you any spoilers at all, here are the reasons you need to watch Sacred Games right away.

A perfect amalgamation of real acting talents

Well, if acting is an apple, Siddiqui is certainly the big Indian apple tree with the sweetest of fruits. You can’t simply take your eyes off him. I repeat, you simply can’t take your eyes off him. But then there is also the multitalented Radhika Apte, and the till-now-underrated talent Saif Ali Khan, whose acting skills will keep you glued to the series. Donning the guise of a Jatt Punjabi. Mr. Junior Pataudi has done some true justice to his character of a loyal, and true police inspector who is constantly haunted by the thoughts of going against the truth and justice. And what to tell about the lady, Radhika Apte, playing a Raw analyst in the web series! Doesn’t she impress us all with every role she plays?

A fresh, creative and engaging way of storytelling

Sacred Games is quite an example of some creative storytelling which also makes it very much watchable. The constant shift between the past and present, the occasional recounting of memories and the voiceover by the lead character Gaittonde aka Siddiqui are something that you will be in total awe with from the very first episode of Sacred Games. This television series is certainly proof that Indian Cinema is changing and so are the expectations of the audience. And as a result, if Sacred Games is called an experiment of the new age Indian television series, it is undoubtedly a super duper hit.

A multidimensional story with compelling characters

Though finding out what will is going to happen in Mumbai after 25 days may seem to be the main plot, but Sacred Games is actually a perfect weaving of multiple underlying plots. Every time you will come across the main plot, you’ll realize that it leads to multiple other underlying plots of equal importance. Every subplot has some connection to the main plot which you as a viewer have to figure out as the multidimensional story proceeds smoothly.

Kubra Sait as Cuckoo

Apart from the lead characters, Sacred Games has some compelling side characters to seize your attention as well. From, Jatin Sarna playing Bunty to Kubra Sait playing Cuckoo, or Neeraj Kabi as Parulkar or Jitendra Joshi playing constable Ketekar, all these actors have brilliantly portrayed their characters and have made them a memorable part of Sacred Games.

Retro music, uncensored content and certainly the direction

The world-class direction, the uncensored content and the top-notch music are worth experiencing. While the retro music has given the web tv series a catchy and spicy feel, the flawless direction of two of the most renowned directors of Bollywood presently (Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane) has made Sacred Games the most watched Netflix shows in India. Not to forget the uncensored content, be it nudity or the use of foul language, the real-life depiction has made this web series a masterpiece itself. The location, the depiction, the whole portrayal of the series as well as the characters, from clothes to props, have given the television series a similar feel and look to that of the Mumbai underworld and the time it depicts.

Trust me, you’ll thank me once you watch this mind-blowing web tv series if you haven’t watched it already. Those who have an eye for watching some true crime thrillers with real plot complications and very much convincing acting, Sacred Games can be a real deal for them. Once you watch it, you’ll definitely agree that Netflix’s Sacred Games can certainly be a real game-changer in causing an evolution in the very perception and way of storytelling of Indian television series.

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