Everything you need to know about World Music Day

World Music Day also known as Fête de la Musique, Make Music Day or just Music day is celebrated across the globe on 21st June. It was started by Jack Lang – the French Minister of Culture and Maurice Fleuret – the famous French music journalist and composer. Music Day was first celebrated in 1982 in the city of Love – Paris.

Since 1982, on this day, people are urged and allowed to play music outside their homes – in streets. There are a lot of free music events organized to celebrate this festival. Started from Paris, today Music Day is celebrated in 700 cities in more than 120 countries including India, America, UK, Japan, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Peru, Australia, Greece, Russia, Canada, Mexico and Ecuador.

The love for music is celebrated and promoted in different ways. In some places, there are free concerts organized, where artists from different genres come and rejoice the beauty of music with amazing compositions. These concerts are free for public and the artists “donate” their valuable time for music. In other places, amateur musicians perform with professionals on streets.

India is a land of rich culture and diversity which is strongly reflected in Music. The Hindustani Classical, Carnatic and other forms of music makes India an ideal destination to celebrate Music Day. This year, Udaipur will see participants from over 16 countries performing for their love – Music. 150 world-famous artists from countries like USA, Italy, Thailand, Nepal, France, Spain and India will pitch in their voices to enjoy their identities as musicians.

So, celebrate this Music Day with singing not only in bathroom, but on streets, with others.  Celebrate the love for music by dedicating awesome songs to the people you love! Do not forget to listen to all the classics and your favorite songs!

Happy  Fête de la Musique!

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