Even Thalaiva and Khiladi Could Not Save the Poor Tale of Chitti

Just like many other big-budget movies of this year, 2.0 was undoubtedly one of the most awaited sci-fi action films of 2018. But alas! Not everything went as per the expectations of the mass it seems, as 2.0 terribly lacked a solid script, element of surprise, science, and logic.

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Directed by S. Shankar, 2.0 is a sequel to the 2010 super hit film Robot or Enthiran. The movie features Rajinikanth as Chitti (the robot) and also as Dr. Vaseegaran along with Akshay Kumar, as Pakshi Rajan, the ornithologist. However, despite having two superstars in its cast, the movie fails to succeed as a compelling view and impress the viewers.


When a threat beyond one’s understanding comes upon the people of Tamil Nadu, the government seeks help from the scientists, to be more specific from Dr. Vaseegaran (played by Rajinikanth). While Dr. Vaseegaran starts investigating the matter along with his assistant robot Nila (played by Amy Jackson), Chitti the robot (also played by Rajinikanth) is called upon to ward off the evil supernatural power of Pakshi Rajan (Akshay Kumar) who was behind the mysterious vanishing of every mobile phone in the state.

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In one sentence, the plot of the movie simply is the battle between the good and evil and the good winning over the evil in the end.

Things I liked

What I find best about the movie is the inclusion of such a sensitive environmental issue such as the birds falling prey to the misuse of mobile technology, and its uncontrolled frequency levels. Akshay Kumar as Pakhshi Rajan (both as the good and the bad one) does everything he could to create a lasting impression on the viewers.  Undoubtedly he has given his best. Rather, his appearance as an evil force was so good that he should seriously consider playing some bad guy role in the future. Who knows, after SRK in Darr and Baazigar, he could be the next most loved bad guy.

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And then comes the visual effects which are simply one of the bests, making 2.0 a spectacular visual treat to the eyes. Every sequence of Pakshi as the fiery-eyed fierce bird as well as the birdman makes you crave for more. The scenes with mobile phones attacking the people responsible for the misuse of mobile technology also deserve a lot of praise. Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson at times impresses us in their roles of Chitti and Nila.

Things I Didn’t Like

Since the release of Enthiran in 2010, the genre of sci-fi movies has evolved beyond imagination. However, 2.0 seems to be still stuck in its 2010’s Enthiran or Robot version, which turns out to be the primary reason for its fall. While the movie started with a good environmental angle as its theme, after the interval, it simply forgets what it began with.

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It’s not the first time that a big budget movie has disappointed the viewers, the Thugs of Hindostan being one of the most recent examples. And now, the most expensive movie of the country till date (around 543 crores), 2.0, also fails to impress the audience.

The most terrible part of the entire movie is definitely the end where a hospitalized Dr. Vaseegaran directs the Chief Minister about the environmental duties everyone should follow. The bird lover ornithologist Pakshi Rajan didn’t commit suicide so that people keep a bowl of water for birds at their windows. He fought for a more major reason, an answer to which nowhere to be found in the end.

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Too much of anything sometimes ruins the entire thing. And this case, it is too much of Chitti. From the normal Chitti to Chitti 2.0 reloaded, big Chitti, micro Chitti, all of them together made the second half of the movie a lullaby that can put anyone to sleep. Compared to Pakshi, Chitti in many scenes have ended up looking like the result of poor CGI effect.

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What could have been India’s successful attempt at creating a robot series, ended up being nothing but a mix of a weak plot, with an unnecessary lengthy story, illogical fight sequences, forced plot complications, predictable twists and loads of Thalaiva.

Final Verdict

For those who wish to witness some grand visuals on the big screen, opting of the 3D shows of 2.0 won’t disappoint you. Seeing Akshay Kumar as an antagonist with such realistic and detailed VFX effects can make 2.0 a good watch.

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However, if a strong storyline with logical explanations, convincing plot twists and surprises are things you’re looking forward to, be happy to skip watching 2.0. The effects and twists that once made Enthiran very appealing to all, doesn’t seem to work at all in 2.0. the film ends up being a major let down with its sloppy, repetitive and out-of-the-track storyline.

My Rating: 5/10

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