Deadpool 2, Did It Live Up To The Expectations?

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Finally, I got a chance to watch Deadpool 2 for the second time (No, once wasn’t enough), and right off the bat I want to say that I love this movie. This movie was everything I wanted it to be and more. It gave us a beautiful story, new characters, brilliant humour and our favourite Deadpool. There is so much fun to be had in this movie that watching it once was not enough. From the beginning to the end, this movie is a laugh riot with some amazing action sequences and a great story.

Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson aka Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds reprises his role as Wade Wilson aka Deadpool, and with every scene that went on in the movie, it made my belief stronger, that he was born to play this character. From his dialogues to physicality, he embodies this character to the T.

Josh Brolin as Cable

The movie introduces Cable, a soldier from the future, played by Josh Brolin who travelled back in time to kill this kid Russell, played by Julian Denison. Josh Brolin for the second time in this month has made a huge mark in a comic book movie. Cable was awesome. He was the straight face character that paired perfectly with Deadpool’s humour. His motivations were understandable his actions were justifiable. He fit in perfectly like a missing piece of a puzzle.

X-Force team

We saw an introduction of a new team of mutants lead by Deadpool called the X-Force. Domino Played by Zazie Beetz was the member of the team that stood out the most. Her banter with Deadpool was pure gold. Zazzie Beets oozes charisma as she plays the mutant with the power of luck. This unique power is cinematically so brilliant and entertaining to watch, one cannot help but as for more from her.

Julian Denison as Russell

Along with the brilliant performances, this movie has a great story. It’s full of heart and humour and struggle. The relation between Deadpool and Russell is so honest and pure one cannot help but start to care. Julian Denison is brilliant in this role and shows off his range and growth as an actor. There were some scenes with Deadpool and Russell that I felt were a bit of a cliché, but it worked well for the movie.

The movie has very fast paced and there are some awesome scenes where literally if you bling you would miss getting your mind blown. The movie is relentlessly entertaining to the point where I would have appreciated some moments to get some time to breathe so that we as an audience can feel the weight of those moments. It balances the comedy and action, the dramatic scenes could use some more time to play out better than it did.

The film, as expected, pulls no punches and goes to take full advantage of the adult rating. From curse words to gory action sequences, the movie goes all out. Even though I saw an Indian Cut, most of those things were edited out but one could easily tell what was being said or removed. To be honest, I don’t think a PG-13 rating would work in the favour of this movie.

David Leitch

The film is directed by David Leitch, known for his brilliant action movies John Wick (co-director) and Atomic Blond. He brings his action sensibilities to the movie and it is so evident in all the fight sequences in the best way possible. The movie is beautifully shot and has some of the most amazing cameos that I have seen in any movie.

Tim Miller as Weasel

There are very few issues that I have with this movie, and one of them is definitely Tim Miller as Weasel. As amazing as he was in the first one, all of it somehow has vanished. Almost all his jokes fall flat and some even feel forced. Another issue I had was that the movie did not let the audience breath; it kept going without waiting for the audience to catch up, hence the multiple viewing. And the last gripe I had was the CGI, it did not always look the best, in fact, some of it was bordering bad. Aside from that, I love the movie.

CGI used in Deadpool 2 (mcclurefilming)

Deadpool 1 was a once in a lifetime kind of a movie, a lightning in a bottle, thus its magic cannot be recreated. I still feel that Deadpool 2 is a more entertaining movie than its predecessor.

This movie made 125 million dollars on its opening weekend in USA, which is a lot lower than my crazy prediction however for an adult rated movie this is a crazy amount to make in its first 3 days.

I would definitely recommend you all to watch this movie and come back to read the spoiler discussion of the movie that will be up shortly.

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