Climate Refugee – Is Our Society Ready to Accept the Displaced?

People affected due to climate change, face a myriad of difficulties. And the question of inclusivity for climate refugees is a matter of great concern. Migrations and influx change the demography of the nation.  One can easily pass the baton to the UN or the powerful practitioners of politics for rules, governance, finance and other related offerings but if you look around we are all already there.

How many of you know that one of the reasons for Syrian War is a result of climate change. 4 years of drought forced the so-called rebels to move to the city but the government didn’t have proper resources to help these displaced souls. The figures for unemployment and social divide shot up after this migration leading to the rebellion/uprising inspired by Arab Springs in neighboring countries.

This affects all nations. In fact, developing nations host 86% of all recognized refugees (covers all kinds actually). The effect of climate change can and is causing havoc and it will continue in other countries if we don’t do anything about it. The ones displaced needs to be integrated into the society like other refugees who lose their homes, belongings, and families.

We are all in the same boat. Or should I use the military jargon – no man should be left behind.

It’s not like we are not inclusive. Ever since we existed we have been migrating due to climate change right from the ice age till now. And we have been super inclusive which formed the basis of so many wonderful cultures and societies of our world. And if you go into the roots you will find the basic fabric of the culture remains the same that is sharing and inclusivity.

Only one gray area remains- our camaraderie with animals, neither they are very inclusive nor are we. Blame it on the book of mannerisms.

The world across hasn’t warmed up to the idea of climate refugees as well as war because we have been waging so many. But secretly and slowly the climate has been displacing people on a war footing. A Total of 180 million will be displaced by 2050. And these will not be just the ones affected by rising sea level. There will be people displaced and lives lost due to –

Forest Fires

  • Causing societies to move to urban areas, inner circle
  • Hectares of land lost
  • More severe due to rising temperatures

Storms and Tornadoes

  • Have already displaced millions
  • Already super powerful each time they hit the shores
  • Carry more thrust and devastation than anything else


  • Have always been there, especially in developing and underdeveloped nations
  • More torrential rains, a sudden cloudburst
  • Lose embankments, rapid urbanization, sand mining, mega floods


  • Now longer and drier
  • Stretching to the urban area
  • Affecting both flora and fauna
  • Kill all sources of water

All of the above contribute significantly to displaced societies. The most common one talked about is the flock of people affected due to rising sea levels. But you see the extent of rising sea level effect is only to fishermen folks who are already battling fast depleting ocean reserves of fish levels. Along with them, coastal farmers of Africa, India, Thailand and many other nations suffer badly. Rising sea levels give them time to introspect and carve out the best course of action but again, there has to be something sustainable. Hence we need the Paris accord in place to hard step measures for eventually improving the conditions of our planet.


In my opinion, rising sea levels gives a fair chance but the other forms are just ruthless. So far, the societies are accepting with whatever they have got but again the economics of the resource remains the same. How to give equal share? How to avoid the rich and poor divide? How to manage all without breaking all?

Source: GoFundMe

No longer can we say that only the war drives you out of the country. The climate refugees are here to stay and we have to be super inclusive like all other. There’s no clear-cut international law to define one and it’s high time we start identifying our brothers and sisters affected due to the climate.

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