Cinema – The Mirror Image of the Society

Let’s Start from the beginning

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Undoubtedly, the Indian cinema has changed a lot, neither do we see the inhibitions of Anarkali on the silver screen nor is the audacity of Wahida Rahman screaming for women liberalization by singing ”Aaj fir Jeene Ki Tamanna he”, these changes continuously remind us how the society and its perception has changed drastically. Tragedy King Dilip Kumar’s existence, evergreen Dev Anand’s charm, romantic Rajesh Khanna and Showman Raj Kapoor, all are just confined to the Sunday slot of Doordarshan. Songs like ”Kundi mat khatkao raja, sidha andar aao raja” presents the so-called openness of the modern society. It would be harsh to say that the level of cinema has deteriorated as cinema is nothing but just the reflection of the society. The 21st century modern shining India has accepted a lot of changes from the western culture and whatever is being presented today is merely the cocktail of the two. Films like “lunch box”, actors like Naseer and others of the same class tell us that there is still a part of the society that believes in the conventional approach and is hesitant to accept the changes happening in the society. Change is inevitable and is needed to keep up with the time, whether its good or bad is not for me but for the society to decide.

Cinema: A dear friend in good and bad times

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Cinema has been very kind and helpful in understanding the situation of the society, the 70s & 80s Amitabh’s revolutionary style was nothing but just the characterization of the Unemployed youth of the time, films like Zanzeer and Deewar showed how the youth was agitated and desperately wanted changes to happen and for that they were eager to take the shortcuts too, R.D. Burman’s music was just the introduction of the Indian mob to the club culture. Then in the early 90s, the rise of stars like Shahrukh Khan, Anil Kapoor and others showed that old characters were being replaced and India was ready to accept the changes then. Modern Cinema shows that we are not afraid of experiments anymore and the creativity is not confined to any particular genre. Every aspect of the society is being beautifully scripted and vibrant nature of the modern youth can be observed in movies like ‘Rang de Basanti”. Actually, it’s not only the cinema that is changing but it’s the perception and lifestyle of the society which has molded it into that way. Today’s youth is fast moving and instant decision maker and so is the cinema, hundreds of films come and go in a year and it’s really difficult to remember the names but this happens just because there is a lot to choose now. This artistic friend called cinema has been a very good photo negative of the society and will remain so in the future too, questioning the changes certainly is good but these will happen as change is bound to happen.

Cinema: A circular loop

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An interesting thing about cinema is that it never fears to try and this is something that makes it a versatile player. Call it romance, philosophy, fiction or any other genre, cinema has always tried to make its presence felt. The most amazing aspect to be observed is, whenever needed it has taken the reverse path too. Remixes and sequels will be the apt examples to show that. Presenting an old script on the silver screen is a huge challenge, however, cinema has not only successfully achieved that but also always made sure to add some new flavor to it and that is perhaps what makes it different from the originality without failing to stay compelling.

Cinema has always been in this circular loop, the main reason being the demand of society. It’s in the human nature to remember the things once done and cherish the moments and that is perhaps what makes this repetition of thoughts possible. There is a new breed of actors that includes names like Nawaz, Irfaan and a few others who have been very firm to their roots and have always challenged the commercial part of the cinematic industry, they haven’t been merely challenging but effective too, these few names have been able to showcase their talent in such a way that has made the Indian cinema to get appreciated throughout the world.

At last, I would just like to conclude by saying that this ever-changing Cinema has given a lot to the society. However, it will always be the reflection of the society. Therefore questioning its credibility will mean the ignorance of the happenings in the society.

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