Book Review -“Everyone Has A Story” by ”Savi Sharma”

When you look at the cover of the book, you can find a boy and a girl looking at each other and when you move more into the story, you will get to know that they were like two souls looking for each other. The cover also has a cup of coffee which has its own role in the novel. Overall, the black and white cover is fascinating and attractive.

Reading the title, you can’t get much about the book but it does tell you the genre of the book. When you go deep into the novel you will find the title an appropriate choice.

When we get to the story, you will find four major characters around whom the story revolves. These are the character derived very finely and there are some moments, you can relate yourself with. These four names are Vivaan, Meera, Kabir, and Nisha.

Let’s start with Meera. Meera is a fledgling writer looking for a decent story which can touch millions of hearts and inspire them. Vivaan is an assistant branch manager at Citibank but banking is not what gives him life, his life aim is to travel. Traveling is the only passion he has. Kabir is a branch manager of a coffee shop. But he is not happy with the job, he wants something of his own, his own coffee shop for which he works day and night. Nisha is a girl who has suffered a lot in her life and find herself broken and irreparable. She has her own secrets kept somewhere deep inside her heart.

The interesting thing about the tale is that you will get to read the book with the bird’s eye view of both male and female protagonist as the story is narrated by both of them. Moreover, Vivaan shares his experiences when he travels the world. So apart from romance and inspiration, the book has also been garnished with travel stories. Once in a while, the book will turn into a travel guide and a travel book. When Meera is looking for a story, she bumps into Vivaan and finds him a part of her story. She was attending an author meet in a cafe she visited every day. Later she gets to know who he is and when they come close, she falls for him. The feeling is mutual for both of them but for Vivaan, nothing and no one is more important than traveling. When the love story of Vivaan comes to the point of confessions, Vivaan gets missing and he is found nowhere. His number is not reachable. And there is also no response from any of his social accounts. He is on his traveling journey during that time and wants himself to be isolated but then something happens which make him realize he has someone caring and waiting for him. And then what? Does he come back or not? If he does, why there is a sequel to the book? If he does, the same question remains. More questions are yet unanswered. What happens to Meera when Vivaan is missing?

There is one more parallel story along with that of Vivaan’s and Meera’s it is of Kabir’s and Nisha’s. Nisha visits Kabir’s cafe once and he finds her alone and sad. Later he realizes she is crying. The way he reacts to this is too adorable and you should read it on your own. What happens next? Does Kabir get something of his own? Does Nisha get happy again? Do they get each other for a lifetime? Do the stories link each other?

All these answers are in the book “Everyone Has A Story”. Go read it. You can also get the book on Amazon- click here!

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