Avengers: Infinity War Review/Discussion

 (Warning: Spoilers Ahead)

After 10 years of build-up and 6 years of anticipation, Thanos has arrived, and he will stop at nothing to get all the infinity stones.

This movie is a culmination of 10 years of awesomeness, i.e. the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It brings together over two dozen heroes from 18 movies that have all lead to this huge spectacle that isn’t just that. The movie has complex storylines that run parallel to each other along with a deep emotional base that was built over the past movies, and on top of that, we have one of the best if not the best Marvel villain of all time.

Now before I continue the Avengers infinity war review/discussion, I again want to warn you guys, this article contains heavy spoilers. So, please watch the movie before you read further. 



In the first five minutes of the film, Thanos is established as a force to fear. He beats the Hulk, kills Loki, takes the space stone (Tesseract) and blasts Thor’s ship. Josh Brolin gives a masterful performance as Thanos, not just bringing an intimidating physicality to the role but also giving it a certain depth as he reveals his motivations for planning to wipe out half the population from the universe. The best villains are supposed to be the ones who think of themselves as the hero, who have a justified motive for doing the things they do and Thanos certainly has that. The directors, the Russo brothers had told us that this would be a story from the perspective of Thanos, and it really is his movie, and he is most definitely the best part of it.

Character Interactions


One of the benefits of working on such a film that brings together characters from several other movies is that the directors did not have to worry about the character development of most of these characters, as the audience is already familiar with them. What they did have to worry about was bringing these characters together and having them interact with each other without taking their essence from them that has been established already. Yet the Russos manage to capture the magic better than I could have imagined. Iron Man’s interaction with Doctor Strange and Spider-Man, Thor Meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Lord’s banter with the Iron Man, etc. made it feel like the comic book panels have come to life. My favorite pairing was of Thor and Rocket Raccoon, whenever I heard the words “Sweet Rabbit” from Thor, it made me chuckle.



It was beautiful to see the character’s stories develop so seamlessly, with each character getting their moment to shine. The most interesting storyline besides the one with Thanos was with Scarlet Witch and Vision. The tough decision she had to make to kill the love of her life in order to protect the universe, yet she still had to see him come back to die again. It was one of the more emotional arks of the story.



The move is paced perfectly and passed by quickly, I never feel that the movie is two and half hours long, and that is majorly due to the help of so many beautifully shot action sequences. From the battle in New York, to the war in Wakanda, the fight choreography was so brilliant that it always kept me on the edge of my seat. But the sequence that had me fall off of my seat was the fight between Thanos and Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Mantis, Drax, Nebula and Star Lord. This Sequence had everything that one can expect to see in a fight. Amazing magical powers by Dr. Strange, innovative weaponry of Iron Man, quick wit of Spidey, the heart of the Guardians and the emotions of Star Lord, all of it came together in such perfect way that spectators were left in awe and excitement throughout.



One of the more common criticisms that we hear from these superhero films is that these stories lack stakes. No character is ever in danger and everything is bound to be alright in the end. This however, is not the case with Avengers: Infinity War. From the get go we come to realize that there will be some characters that will not make out of this movie alive. Heimdall and Loki being the first two to go, but as the story progressed I thought there won’t be pother lives gone till the very end, but then Thanos sacrificed Gamora, his daughter who he dearly loved, for the soul stone. And then towards the end we see Vision first being destroyed by Scarlet Witch, the woman he loved, then be brought back and killed again by the “Mad Titan”. But the final blow was the snap of his figures that lead to half of our heroes being turned into dust. This was not just a shock to everyone; it gave us one of the tear jerking moments, where Peter Parker is dying in the hands of Tony Stark, people were audible sobbing at this moment including me.

This movie is unlike any other superhero movies that we have seen in the past 10 to 15 years. This is the only movie that I can think of that ended with the antagonist of the movie sit victorious, looking at the sun go down as he smiles. This movie is being named ‘the Empire Strikes Back’ of the Marvel Movies and I am having a hard time disagreeing.

The movie is a masterpiece and a huge accomplishment by the Russos and Kevin Feige, but is not without its flaws.



I do not have many negatives for this movie but the ones I do, did bother quite a bit, like Rocket giving Thor an eye. That made the moment from Thor: Ragnarok meaningless, the eye did not add anything to the movie or the character and took away from one of the highlights from its predecessor. Another moment that bothered me was Thanos torturing Nebula. This scene was such a cliché. Every villain ever has used the same method to extract information from the protagonists, I feel like it would have been better if we saw a better way for Thanos to get that information from Gamora. Also the final battle in Wakanda, quickly turned into a generic battle with a faceless army. Instead I would have liked to see the Black Order be more powerful and our heroes fight them 4 vs. the good army. The Black Order also felt like the generic sidekicks that didn’t seem as strong. However, if these are the only small complains I have from the movie. Then this movie is a triumph for Marvel Studios and Disney.

I do not think that this is the best movie in the MCU, however I do consider this one to be the greatest MCU Movie.

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