Arunachal Pradesh: An Unexplored Destination Worth Visiting


Arunachal Pradesh is one of the farthest corners of India. Part of the seven sisters of North-east India, Arunachal, in fact, is the farthest corner of eastern India, more specifically north-eastern India. The state borders 3 nations in 3 sides. Along the east, it has Myanmar, in the north and the north-east border there’s China, and in the west, it borders Bhutan.

The land of the dawn-lit mountains as it is often called is the literal translation of “Arunachal”. In recent times, this part of the mighty Himalayas has caught the imagination of the general public at large. So much so that, people are literally looking for “Things to do in Arunachal Pradesh” itinerary tours.

Much has changed over the years but still, the hilly terrain remains sparsely populated and remotely explored. Apart from the usual tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh such as Tawang, Tezu, Ziro Valley, Sela Pass etc. much of it remains unchartered even today.

However, Arunachal the 2nd Buddhist state in India deserves a place in your travel list as it is the ultimate adventurous travel destination in North-East. Some may even call it the Ladakh of the North-East although the topography is quite different here.

4 Unexplored places you must visit in Arunachal Pradesh:

Completely a mountain terrain, this state is blessed with natural beauty that remains buried in their pristine state. There are lush valleys, rugged mountains, illustrious lakes, bountiful national parks which you can visit. In fact, most of the tourists who visit this place look for these kinds of tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh.

However, that’s not the only way of traveling in Arunachal. The real beauty of this state lies in its people. A completely different diaspora of people who live indigenously as pastoral tribes and nomadic communities. It is in these quaint villages where you get to know the state better.


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Before you head to a remote village, you should visit the oldest town of the state Pasighat. Much like other hill towns this too has been greatly influenced by the British colonial rule and hence developed quite a bit. The place has clear blue water of Siang, lush green valley tucked in the mountains. It’s 270km from the capital Itanagar and often visited by people.


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Move onto the scenic village of Bomdila which remains a trekker’s and hiker’s delight. Cultural experience seekers love the people of this place and their ethnic cuisine and activities while the nature lovers go for the Eagle Nest Sanctuary. As you enter the village you will realize why is it called a sleeping village with all its local people, monasteries and Hindu temples.


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Finding this place is a naturalist’s delight as this is the hub of wildlife and biodiversity in Arunachal. A picturesque forest by the Kameng river and flanked mountains – this is the contrast photographers are looking for. Added to this, is the gaming sanctuary where you see tigers, elephants and various species of exotic birds. Camping, fishing, hiking are much-loved experiences here.


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Now, this is an often left out place from the list tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh but if you want a different perspective then visit this serene tribal area in the Dibang Valley. Traversing through the region will acquaint with various tribes like Hunli and Ranli. The ways of living in this cloud-kissed land are quite unique and special.

How to reach?

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Arunachal is well connected by road and air routes. The state airport is under construction. People generally visit the nearest airports like Guwahati airport or Lilabari airport or Tezpur and travel to destinations by road. The nearest railway station is at Helem from where you can get hired cabs to your destination. Tezpur airport lying at a distance of 260 km and about 4hours drive is the nearest airport.

9 Things to do in Arunachal Pradesh:

There are many things to do in Arunachal Pradesh. In fact, as land and the topography is diverse and vast the itinerary changes from one region to another. Often one village to another. However, if you are here remember to seek out these once in lifetime experiences.

1. Explore the tribal dwellings and lifestyle of the native Idu Mishmis tribes in the Upper Dibang

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2. Check out the Flying Squirrel

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3. Trek through the Talle Valley, a revered forest where it’s forbidden to enter the forest in  the ‘taboo period’

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4. Try out the exciting river rafting in Kameng and camp in the forest.

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5. Visit the invincible Tawang Monastery and soak in the Buddhist way of living

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6. Visit the 550 CE Malinithan Temple which has Lord Krishna legend and a Durga deity.

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7. Get the ultimate thrill and symphony at the Ziro Valley Music Festival

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8. Follow Jaswant Singh Rawat’s trail dating back to Sepoy Mutiny in the picturesque Sela Pass

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9. Celebrate Tibetian New Year Losar at Tawang or visit the Siang River Festival like never before

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There are many more experiences to be had and many avenues to explore. It’s different for each person and changes with your zeal for an experience.

Best time to visit

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Winters are quite cold and harsh here. Many of the roads remain inaccessible and the temperature drops below zero degrees. The most preferable time to visit is in Spring and Autumn when the flora and biodiversity are at their best. So, the months of March-April and September-October are ideal. This is also the time for most festivals like the Losar in March. Some people like to visit in the summer when the temperature is mild. So, May- June goes well. It’s indeed a place which has time encapsulated in it.

Thus, Arunachal Pradesh remains a treasure trove for a fulfilling traveling experience which is better savored gradually and intrinsically – in the presence of your inner self.

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