Andhadhun Review: An Honest Attempt at a Thrilling Black Comedy

*Spoilers Alert*

Andhadhun is a Hindi dark comedy movie of thriller genre that was scheduled to release on 5th October 2018. After its release, the movie has instantly generated good reviews, won a lot of critical acclaims and by far has been successful at the box-office which is quite unexpected for a low budget film with no superstar cast as this.

There is no denying that Andhadhun has certainly made its mark in the domain of Indian cinema’s black comedy style. However, apart from the honest attempt, does Andhadhun have the potentials of being hailed as a must watch? Read on to find out.


Andhadhun is directed by the Sriram Raghavan who is known for his docufiction on Raman Raghav (an Indian serial killer) and other neo-noir thriller movies like Johnny Gaddar and Ek Hasina Thi. The film has a cast of talented actors and actresses, Tabu, Ayushmann Khurrana, Radhika Apte, Manav Vij, Anil Dhawan, and others. While Ayushmann played the lead – Akash in Andhadhun, Tabu is in another predominating role of Simi and Radhika Apte as Sophie. This Indian thriller is believed to have drawn its inspiration from a 2010 French short film named L’Accordeur or The Piano Tuner.


The story of Andhadhun revolves around Akash, a pianist, who pretends to be blind and despite his visual impediment is excellent in playing the piano. Because of his talent, he attracts a lot of attention, Sophie being one of them who also arranges a job for Akash at her father’s restaurant. While performing a piece there, Akash’s talent also attracts the attention of Pramod Sinha, a popular actor of yesteryear.

When Pramod Sinha offers Akash to perform a private piano concert at his apartment for his dearest wife Simi, all hell breaks loose and Akash gets entangled in a series of murder and crime, one after another. Will Akash ever be able to come out of the clutches of the criminals? Can he ever succeed in going to London and fulfill his dream of playing piano there? To find the answer to all these all you have to do is watch the movie.

Things I liked

What started as a simple tale of a blind pianist gradually turns up the hit as it becomes an interwoven complex story of murders, kidnaps and other crimes. The first thing that should be praised about Andhadhun is the brave attempt of the director for coming up with a movie in such a not-so-explored comedy style.

Then, there is the fascinating performance of the actors. More than Ayushmann Khurrana, Tabu deserves our accolades for her flawless execution of a negative role. She is truly a timeless legend and very much underrated. No one could have made Simi so real, so unpredictable and so unbothered by the heinous acts she commits other than Tabu. Ayushmann also has done justice to his part and made us like him more. From the little pain-in-the-ass boy in the neighborhood of Akash to Dr. Swami or Maushi, every actor has given their best in Andhadhun, no matter how trivial their part. Even Radhika Apte is an absolute bliss to watch whenever she appeared on the screen.

The music and songs of Andhadhun also deserve special mention. From the background score to the piano tunes and the song lyrics, everything musical about the movie will surely impress you. Playing constantly with your grey matter, the direction is full of tricks and twists. Bestowing the rabbit that appears at the beginning of the movie with such a crucial role to play in the movie is also a unique effort.

There is no doubt that Andhadhun is a solid attempt at making a noteworthy dark comedy thriller with its own moments of surprise and reality bites. After the comedy horror movie Stree, Andhadhun can certainly be hailed as another honest proof that Indian cinema is changing.

Things I didn’t like

Though I still appreciate the Sriram Raghavan’s attempt, then again I’m here to share my honest opinion of the movie which has quite a number of points to complain about.

While a substantial amount of time is wasted just to build up the backdrop of intertwined complex situations; at times the movie has failed to hold the attention of the viewers. Yes, there are moments when you’ll actually look at your watch to know how much time is left to reach the ending of the movie.

While it’s a thriller, but Andhadhun seriously lacks the suspense element as we are shown that Akash isn’t blind early in the movie. Developing the romantic angle between Sophie and Akash with such depth also was unnecessary.

Even when it comes to the actors, it seems that the scriptwriter has tried his best to keep them as unpredictable as possible, resulting in a thriller- less and suspense-less black comedy. Through its 136 minutes, Andhadhun doesn’t keep you as glued as all the hype regarding it are supposed to.

Final Verdict

If you are expecting a typical Bollywood masala movie, with lots of entertainment, you better avoid this movie. However, if you are an off-beat movie freak or harbor a special likeness for dark comedy, then you can give this movie a try. Plus, to all the Ayushmann Khurrana fans out there, giving this amazing performance of your favorite actor a miss won’t be a smart idea at all.

Remember, black comedy is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, some may find Andhadhun to have a not-so-convincing script with forced unexpectedness and will prefer to skip.

My Rating: 6.5/10

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  1. It was refreshing to come across this honest review. Sriram Raghavan’s movies seldom disappoint. Andhadhun too looks like a good watch, I haven’t watched it yet but will surely do with a clean slate of mind. Thank you for this review

  2. I loved this (not entirely) and can’t wait for more twisted stuff from Sriram Raghavan! Also what else should I watch that’s in the vein of this and Tumbbad? Great article btw!

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