A Magical Retreat

In the darkest of days,

In the everlasting nights,

When he clutched his nerves tight,

Searched for his stars, resisted his own fight,

A peri arrived.


When he quenched for breath,

When the song lasted for hours,

On a roof lonely, glasses of wine,

drenched in the moonlight, not an inch of shine.

When his heart pinched,

A peri arrived.


In the galaxies of worlds,

In the world of billions.

When he walked through knife,

ran out of life,

A peri arrived.


Then once she resisted herself, sat beside

Hand in hands, she lets the clock tick, let the time flow

Scarcity hit the words, a deserted conversation

Lips pressed tight, prolonged glances

Drowned in her eyes, when he looses his strings

Utters “Are you for real or a mere imagination?”


She lets him closer, as the acacia perfumed the breeze

in the brightest of nights, he skips a beat, she whispers

“Thou shall find me as proposed”

That parting kiss, a magical retreat !


Featured Image by: Aditya Jiddu

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