7 Morning Rituals For Healthy Lifestyle

Waking up late and in a haste, then running out of the house to handle life, is something we youngsters are prone to. But, do you know how harmful it is to start a day like that. Waking up and that to with energy is something that is not everyone’s league. But, here is something really important that I want you people to know. I actually have tried to change my habit of getting up late and folks, I have felt a positive change both physically and mentally. So, here I am, sharing a few healthy morning rituals which are actually going to help you handle the whole damn day like a maniac.


To have a productive and energetic day, all you need to do is wake up early. Have you ever noticed how much time you waste being in that bed. So, break that trap and wake up early in the morning. Do nothing for the first 10 minutes but leave that bed. Wake around, make a healthy drink or again, do obviously nothing. You will see your desire to sleep again is all gone.


Your body needs plenty of water to get back to work after 8 hours of sleep. Make sure you drink at least two glasses of water after you wake up. Or, you can also start your day with a warm lemon drink. This drink is also known to remove toxins from your body, maintain the pH balance, improve the digestion and above all, helps in smooth bowel movements. You see, one glass and so many benefits. A hydrated body also means a healthy, glowing skin so, here’s a beauty reason too.


Yes! the best and the most suggested morning ritual is meditation. Workout and exercise really help but do you know, how much meditation helps you. Just sit in a calm and peaceful environment, close your eyes and start meditating. You can even consider chanting the “Om-Mantra”. Since ages, Indians have been chanting this Mantra to have better concentration skills and a focused mind. Chanting “Om“or simply meditating, not only helps you concertante better but also creates a positive aura. Regular “Om” chanting has a cardiovascular benefit as well. It is also known to increase patience, control temper and handle life with a rational mind.


Yes! It actually is the best ways to start your morning routine. Try to accomplish simple morning tasks like making your bed, clean up those dishes that you left last night because you were tired, just clean up your table or chop the vegetables that you are planning to make for lunch or dinner. You know, trying to complete simple tasks will help you feel accomplished and believe me, you will feel satisfied and happy. Plus, a clean environment is always a happy environment.


Do not overlook this self-care routine. Oh, you might tell me that this meditation is self-care but again, somewhere, admit it, that you actually avoid taking care of your skin, just because you think you don’t have time. Take out time for yourself. Make some homemade face masks. Massage your hair with olive oil or coconut oil one hour before you take a bath. Massage your body with a good, recommended oil before taking a bath. You will find that these small habits are helping your skin glow and hair shine. Plus, a champi will help you to relax. So, go for it in the morning hours.


After mediation and a cool good bath, learn to have a healthy breakfast. No! Don’t burn a hole in your pocket, you don’t need to do that. Just have a glass milk and bananas or bread and butter. You can also have a handful of almonds and walnuts and keep the pack for the whole day as well. Eat little, but eat healthy. Do not skip breakfast as it will just keep your energy level low. You can also try eggs, oats, poha or even upma in the morning.


Before you run out of the door to handle the world outside, keep your goals and objectives clear for the day. Stay motivated and keep calm. Make yourself prepared for challenges outside and promise yourself to fight those. And when you step out with a positive mindset like that, you will see a positive change in your thoughts and actions too throughout the day.
All I hope is that you do follow these for a better lifestyle. Feedbacks and more ideas are always welcome. Do write in the comment section or to me at poojkey@gmail.com

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