6 Things you really need to learn before you grow old

India is a young country. India is ranked number 2 in terms of its large population is at present governing the highest ratio of youth. Surely in coming times, this good number of youth population will turn into old. The arising question is that how much is our country prepared for that big number of senior citizens? The next question is, are you ready or have you learned enough to help your old age?

Here’s a small list of 6 things you need to learn before you grow old!

1. Respect yourself enough

There were times when younger ones used to regard their elders by touching feet, children often surround them to listen to their stories but in this changing era, these customs have changed where on greeting an oldie the youth today only lowers one earplug out of their music-buzzed ears. So forget if in coming times sentiments of oldies are going to be regarded in any better versions. To not really get offended by such things prepare yourself for such acts that you yourself don’t care about much for now. Get set and simply start learning to respect yourself enough beforehand!

2. Earn a home or not but a car for sure

And that too along with a driver! For trust me your old age isn’t going to make your heart san’s-desires to travel and visit places, go shopping etc. The major reason behind elderly people refusing to do so is not their weakening muscles but the weakened morals of youth. Remember, the last time you offered your bus seat to an old man without someone else mentioning it or asking you so? A big thanks to metro rules that mention in clear words โ€œoffer your seat to someone in more need of it then you doโ€ at least somewhere senior citizens are on safe side.

3. Breathing deep

Breathe in breathe out, 1-2-3 Breathe in – breathe out and keep calm. Crackers on Diwali are banned-says the news sources. All social media sites are immensely flooded with #saynotocrackers #carpoolisbest #oddevenrule #gogreen etc..but can’t you smell all these are just a game of politics, aren’t they? Of course, they are, because irrespective of organizing that big number of international conferences pollution seems to be turning into a Gigantic Hound day by day. So dear you, as you grow old please do develop a habit of wearing a mask to let your life count a better number of breaths for your

4. Art of self-entertainment

Entertainment plays a big role in our lives to fill the voids between work and living. The entertainment industry is rapidly flourishing but it’s actually getting short in solving this purpose for oldies. The only few channels reserved for them are serving just the religious stuff. Now my question is, are you so sure these would feed your hunger for better entertainment once you grow old? Be cautious for maybe the young artists are going to be more devoted toward remix and pop versions only. Rarely even our metro cities witness any concerts being organized for old age people. Right?

5.Develop a taste for soups & Meds

Yes, each day more the science is advancing more luxurious our life is becoming and more of diseases we are discovering! You may be relying more on advice such as maintain your daily routine, take a balanced diet, proper sleep, exercise regularly etc, etc.ย  But I feel genuine to tell you, slowly try developing a taste for soups and medicines as well; for who knows if in your coming old age days they would be occupying a bigger portion of your daily meals.

6.Keeping pets

Life is all about love and sharing my dear! To let your heart not to feel lonely the best you can do is having a pet. So do have one! You may not be that animal loving person but you can’t deny the fact – that animal is surely going to love you. For who knows if you would be enjoying the company of your children and grandchildren, once you grow old and they start treating you like useless creatures! Life then will be easy and better playing, eating, going out, laugh, celebrate, living and having fun together with your pet bestie!

Probability is you may find this list a bit rubbish! Hey you, just have another glimpse around you and take a few blank winks for I know then the picture would appear more clearly.

The way the youth today treats the old people in the country is shamefully enough to make your heart learn the importance of above-mentioned points and hopes are high that you may even either begin learning these or changing these.

Both ways the idea of this listicle rocks!

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Chavvi Choudhary

Chavvi Choudhary

She call herself creative at heart and people call her random at mood. But simply she is more in exploring diverse ideas of this world than expressing her wishes, be it on paper or on stage. Writing poems and verses comes to her naturally. Inside, she is always hungry of trying and learning new things. In this world of hot minds and fake hearts, her only love is ice-cream.


    1. Growing up and Getting old is natural. At what we are lacking behind is our desire to show love and concern towards our elderly (aged) people.
      I just tried a bit to bring up this irony in my listicle. Hope I justifed atleast a little of it.

      1. I always seen you Chavi , You write things beyond any or other segments of flaws … Keep expressing thoughts and ideas through words although with attitude towards every corner of walls and bricks of the society. Blessings!!๐Ÿ˜—

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