5 Women of Suits giving us Corporate Fashion Goals

The series Suits gives us major goals to live lavishly. They are a law firm and of course they need to dress formally, but do they? The series name is itself on the clothing – Suits.  Today we are not here to discuss the men formal clothing – although Harvey, Mike, Ross, and Louis do an excellent job.

We will discuss the girls of Suits. The reason why I like the dresses of the women of Suits wear is because they have a way of wanting us to copy them and join corporate just for dressing. Most of the times there a very narrow line between the formal and informal, but still they have the power to make a wedding dress look formal! And Megan Markle being married to the Royal family will give us some good formal fashion goals even in real life.

Here are the female characters in Suits whose fashion statements you can add in your office wardrobe.

  1. Rachel Zane (Megan Markle)

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I think she has the aptest dresses. She has a signature style of high waist pencil skirts with the blouse tucked in. Her highness really knows to dress for any event!

  1. Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty)

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This redhead woman can pull off anything. She usually wears body-hugging beautiful dresses and the work on her sleeve and neckline is always so interesting. Although some of her fluffy sleeve dresses are not exactly what you wear to the office and not anyone can pull a Donna right!

  1. Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres)

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The tall woman looks best in her coat – skirt combo. That gives her the look of being the boss lady. Her outdoor winter attires is also not to miss- big heavy coats and with the furry collar. With almost no accessory only a bag at times and shoes that make her stand taller.

  1. Danna Scott (Abigail Spencer)

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She has an attitude, talks fast and has the best haircuts. Scottie usually wears black and white colors and monotone dresses she looks like a model who went to law school. Her dresses are the best if you consider corporate meetings.

  1. Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull)

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The beautiful blonde loves her whites and greys and blacks. The reason I like what she wears as her colors are simple but the way the cloth is wrapped, the cuts and designs are always so different and they are good for the office and after office party as well.

Every episode of Suits has definitely taken corporate formal fashion to the next level. They know how to dress up their ladies and how to make these dresses make them look more confident and stand tall.


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