5 Upcoming Animated Movie Sequels That Cannot Come Fast Enough

Animated movies are considered to be a genre that is best suited for kids. However, the studios like Pixar, Disney, Dream Works and Universal have made a huge dent in this perception. Movies like Toy Story, Up, Angry Birds, Despicable Me, etc. have given the adults more than a few reasons to keep returning to these movies. Animation movies are not just cute and light-hearted movies that will make your kids laugh anymore, these movies have deeper themes, complex stories and amazing visuals that will attract people of all ages.

Some of these movies have been so good that audiences have demanded sequels to them by not only contributing to the box office but also being extremely vocal about it over the internet. While some of these sequels are yet to be announced, here are 5 upcoming sequels to animated movies that cannot release fast enough:

Incredibles 2

Released in the year 2004, The Incredibles is often overlooked as one of the best superhero movies of all time just because it was made in an animation format. It was the superhero movie before superhero movie genre was a thing. With awesome characters and an amazing story, fans have been clamoring for a sequel since its release and finally, after a long wait of 13 long years, we have a sequel which is set to come out on 15th of June, 2018. The trailers have been amazing and the marketing has been phenomenal. Each and every trailer brings back the sweet nostalgic feeling with the excitement of getting to see all these characters again on the big screen.

Hotel Transylvania 3

Adam Sandler returns as the adorable and fun Dracula we all have fallen in love within the past two installments of the franchise. This franchise is charming and has a heart that surprised many critiques when it first came out. The second installment was again a surprisingly entertaining movie that kept the audiences’ attention and curiosity to keep asking for more. And here we are with the third installment which we hope is not the last. Dracula goes out for a vacation on a cruise. The concept alone is enough to get me hooked and above that, we have the charming performance from Adam Sandler. He gives this movie the heart that no one expected it to have paired with the comedic moments that one always expects from an Adam Sandler Movie.

Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet

A villain of a video game who is tired of being a bad guy finds himself connected to all the games in the arcade and goes on a journey to discover that he is more than just a bad guy. How to further this story of Wreck-It Ralph? Put him on the Internet. This has opened so many windows of opportunities for this Disney franchise to not only make an epic adventure but also it’s a built-in gimmick for Disney to promote themselves through their own movie. Being the owner of Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and the countless princess stories along with Jungle Book and Lion King, this movie is bound to make everyone in the theatre overwhelmed with joy. It doesn’t just give us the opportunity to see our favorite characters interact with Ralph but also we get to see them interact with each other. I could not be more excited for 21st November 2018 to arrive.

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

The first Lego Movie was like a magic trick. It happened and it was amazing but to this day it is hard for me to believe that it really worked. It’s a movie about Lego toys; it should not have been successful. Yet it did not just become a success, it became a sort of a phenomenon that sprouted two awesome spinoff movies, The Lego Batman and The Lego Ninjago. the movie was filled with charm, heart and have awesome pop culture references that no one saw coming. The director duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller who did the first one have come back to bring us the second installment of the franchise and the trailer has brought back the magical feeling that the first one left us with. The movie releases in February of 2019.

How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World

The ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Franchise is one of the best-animated movie series out. It is the perfect ‘Boy and his Dog’ Story except it has the most adorable looking Dragon in it. This is an exceptional franchise whose success is 100% based on the amazing story it tells. It creates a mythology and builds a world around it. Unlike several other animated franchises this one does not rely on pop culture references for its moments, instead, it fills the screen with heart and emotions and so much fun. The franchise has seen the release of two movies, and the third one is set to release in March of the next year. The excitement level could not get any higher.

Animation as a format allows the directors to do with their characters that would not be possible to do in a live action format. The perception that an animated film is meant only for kids limits one’s ability to enjoy these beautiful and imaginative stories. So shed these binds and start catching up on these beautiful movie franchises so that you can be ready for these when they come out in theatres near you.

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