5 Things to Know Before Getting a New Dog to Your House

Dogs are prodigious, adorable creatures and one of the best things on the planet. They fill your life with full of joy, loyalty, fur and lots and lots of their true unconditional love.

Usually some want to get a new puppy may be because someone else has it or you might have been inspired by a movie, for example like ‘Hachiko’, which is one of my favourites, where in the movie you melt completely with the dog’s loyalty or may be simply because they are puppies, little gorgeous creatures, and when you see their innocent puppy eyes you just cannot resist hugging them.

So it is really worth investing some time to research and prepare yourself before you welcome one to your home. Here are 5 important things you should know and consider before getting a new dog to your house:

1. You should have time, money and patience

Time plays a key role in this new journey you are about to begin. You need to spend as much time as possible with your dog. Either to play, taking for walks, to consult a Vet, groom them and much more.

Understand that dog is neither a ‘thing’ which can be kept at home nor just an ‘asset’ to show off, they have feelings just like us, it is now your family. Spending time with your dog creates a magical bond between you and your dog.

Next, money is something which many of us do not focus on but you should know whether or not you are comfortable with your budget before getting a new dog home, you should be aware of the monthly/yearly expenses on dog food, dog treats, bowls, dog bed, toys, etc.

You need a lot of patience with a dog, while training, teaching things you want your dog to do. An average dog has mental abilities which is equal to a human child of age 3 years old. Now you know you are dealing with a 3-year-old kid for its life time.

You have to make sure that no one in your house hates a dog because this might create a problem later. It is really important that you make sure everyone at your home is happy with you bringing a new dog to your house.

2. Selecting the right breed

Consider selecting the right breed means selecting a best friend for life! Who should fit into your lifestyle effortlessly because you have to eat, sleep and live with it every single day.

Keep in mind your dog’s face you will be the first thing you’ll see in the morning when your dog wakes you up licking, snorting and also the last thing at night when it snuggles into your bed. This is a partnership for life time and a new beginning for you and your loyal companion to have a happy life ahead.

You need to think what size of a dog are you considering? Do you need a small, medium or a large size dog depending on how spacious is your home and also your surroundings. Also what kind of a dog are you looking for?  A sporty one or cuddle friend or a family friend type. In the same way do not forget about the fur, whether you want a dog with or without fur because some people do not like to have dog hair all over the house or some might have an allergy. To take help, you can watch animal planet videos where all types of breeds are described in detail.

3. Veterinary care

Once you get a new puppy to your house, irrespective of how good you take care of your furry friend, getting a dog treated by a vet is also equally important. The frequency of your dog’s visits to the veterinarian will usually depend on the breed, health, age of the dog. Never miss regular check-ups, medications as suggested by the Vet.

4. Train your dog

Many of us do not focus on this and then we see our dog ending up like Marley from the movie, ‘Marley & me’. Some people don’t train a dog because they love their dog too much but remember if you really love your dog, train it! Getting embarrassed when you take your dog out is the last thing you want to do. You can google how to train your dog or there are many videos on YouTube that will help you. When I mention training your dog, it does not have to be a professional training. A simple house training your dog will be great, it involves food, walks, daily activities. Take them for a walk at least twice a day and maintain the same timings every day. This short walk with your best friend in peaceful early morning and evening also will be a little break for you. It will bring you peace and also help in improving your health.

Teach them few tricks, dogs love to learn and involve in any activity possible. Keep in mind, when you get a new puppy to your house and when it turns two months old, that is the right time to start training.  Because once your puppy turns to an adult dog then it gets very difficult to train it. This will also get your dog adjusted to your daily routine without any hassle. Now you can show off your well-mannered dog to your neighbours, friends and family. So if you have the time to train your dog only then consider getting a new puppy to your house.

5. Taking good care of your dog

Before getting a new dog home make sure you have a dog-friendly home. Keep all the hazardous things, harmful chemicals away.  Along with veterinary care even you should also take good care at home. Good food, dental health, trimming their nails, extra care should be taken in cleaning their ears.

These adorable creatures find the greatest joy even in simplest of things. Take them to parks, let me explore, meet other dogs, play games, they love fetching a ball, catching a Frisbee, or simply running around. Get them to socialize, make them meet your family members, friends and watch them fall in love with your dog.

Apart from dogs being best to snuggle and cuddle. They also have many capabilities, many studies and scientific researches have proved that they can deduct heart diseases. Dogs help blind people, serve in the army, etc. They can help relieve stress, so now you can say bye to depression. So next time instead of going to a therapist you can simply adopt a dog and save a lot of money.

Dogs motivate us to be happy, active, always loving and giving. So by considering all these simple 5 things, you can be the perfect human friend your dog can ever have!

Picture Credits: Prabhu Raj.

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