5 Reasons You Must Give Trekking a Try

Believe it or not, but over the past few years trekking has become quite a hot topic. Whether it’s from your friend list or from your social networking site or your workplace, you must have heard about people going on treks more often. And you probably would have felt why there is such a hype about trekking? And whether it is worth all the excitement or not?!

Well, to be honest, this sporting activity actually has all the good reasons to have this buzz going around. If you like traveling, if you have a knack for exploring new places, if you wish to fall in love with nature, if you think you’ve always missed out on the adventure quotient in life, then trekking can be the one-stop solution for all. Yes, you heard me right.

For those who wish to do more than just exist, who wish to have an extraordinary experience amidst nature, read on to know why going on a trek can be everything that you have been waiting for.

Witness nature in its unspoiled form

Trekking is undoubtedly the most beautiful way of getting closest to nature. No matter how much you have traveled already, normal traveling can never get you this close to the wild. They say trekking is seeing the world without any filter and they don’t say it wrong.

In my opinion, trekking brings you face to face with mother nature. It connects you to your roots. It lets you explore the untouched realms and terrains of nature, giving you the chance to marvel at the treasures of nature. Trust me, I have seen hard-to-please people turning all teary-eyed after witnessing spellbinding natural views.

Meet the long-lost real ‘you’

When did you last have time for yourself? When did you last have a conversation with yourself and felt relieved? I know it will be hard to remember that ‘last’ time. It is the modern way of our lifestyle that comes adorned with a busy working schedule that we learn to become habituated with our claustrophobia and almost forget to breathe. Trekking can be your ticket to bid farewell to all the ‘this-is-not-me’ stuff for days.

Whether it’s photography or bird watching, exploring the flora and fauna or simply gazing at the starry night sky, you’ll get enough time to do the things you really loved or always wanted to do.

Enjoy the uninterrupted peace of mind

Imagine sitting in front of a lake with pristine blue water which reflects snow clad Himalayan range that stands behind it touching the skies or imagine standing by a river that is flowing at its own rhythm past the dense forest at both sides. With no cacophony to interrupt your peace of mind, will it not be amazing to spend some days amidst nature, where you’ll wake up to the chirping of some unknown mountain birds and fall asleep listening to the buzzing of the crickets! I bet, it will.

Give your mental strength a boost

No matter how physically strong and fit you are, trekking requires more than that. Yes, at times trekking can be physically challenging and will require you to be fit enough to overcome the challenges, but it is the mental strength that keeps you going. The determination of never giving up, the confidence of ‘I can do it’ the mental strength of not quitting are qualities you can’t buy anywhere but gain while on a trek.

The adventure is an added bonus

Adventure is certainly the best part about any trek.  Whether it’s a week-long trek or a trek of only 2 or 3 days, getting out of your comfort zone, meeting new people and venturing into the precarious and unknown terrains will certainly give you an adrenaline rush. Walking through the unknown trekking trails through different terrains, experiencing sudden snowfall or building a campfire to fight off the biting cold or spending the night in a tent can give your ordinary life all the thrills it has ever wished for. A trekking experience is bound to give you moments to cherish forever.

The whole concept of trekking will help you discover the new you. It may sound poetic now, but trust me, once you put your trekking shoes on, you’ll realize what you were missing out on all these days.

Whether you opt for an offbeat or a popular trekking trail, that’s completely up to you. But one thing is guaranteed, that you’ll not come back with only pictures of the snow-clad mountains or the dense rain-drenched forests; you’ll bring back with you a lot more than you know. You’ll bring back memories of an adventurous journey that will make your heart sing forever.

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Debaki Pramanick

Debaki Pramanick

Debaki is a freelance writer by choice, a movie buff by interest and an avid travel enthusiast by love. She likes to explore different mountain terrains and have a passion for hiking and trekking. Also a nature lover, she likes to document her trekking experiences with her photography works, bringing out the most alive, and fascinating stories from the mountains.


  1. Yes, agree with you that. Trekking is a one stop solution to your mental boosting dose which is wild and very good for our mental health.

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