5 Reasons To Make The Beach Your Destination This Monsoon

For those who always look for opportunities to put their traveling shoes on, it’s high time that they consider heading to a sea destination this monsoon. Yes, this particular season of the year itself can be the biggest reason for you to give yourself a ‘beach holiday’ treat. Be it Goa or the Andamans or the virgin beaches of South India, visiting the sea destination in the rainy season can be a real pleasure to the sore eyes.

Still, if you’re finding it difficult to picture how the beach will look in monsoon, let me give you an idea.  Pristine greenery, drenched beaches, peaceful and crowd-free seashores, do they sound intriguing? Well, in simple words, beach destinations in monsoon has all these and more plus points to get you to a beach instead of any sun-kissed locations.

Wondering what are these plus points and how monsoon makes such a difference to a beach destination? Then take a quick look at what the rainy season has in its kitty to make your beach holiday a spectacularly rejuvenating one.

Witness the unparalleled beauty

No wonder, monsoon guarantees some of the most unparalleled and rare views of the sea and its surroundings. Yes, the cloudy sky doesn’t always act as a drawback to a travel destination. When it’s the sea and sand you are heading to, monsoon can actually be the magic touch that enhances the beauty of nature in moments. Watching the waves roar loud and roll wild can indeed be a thrilling experience!

Take the Vagator beach or the Chapora beach and the Chapora fort of Goa for example. If you haven’t been there during the monsoon, then you still don’t know how magical and romantic can Goa actually be in rains. the age-old fort getting drenched in rain and the tall, strong waves charging at the seashore have forced many to visit this beach destination over and over in monsoon.

Don’t think that monsoon always makes you miss the mesmerizing sun shows on the sky screen. I myself have witnessed some of the most splendid sunsets and sunrises at beaches in the monsoon while enjoying long solitary walks. And even if the sun chooses to hide behind the dark clouds, rest assured that you’re about to witness some of the most enchanting sky shades.

Have the crowd-free beach to yourself

Have you always thought of going on a romantic beach date with your partner, of course with not many people to bother you around? Then consider the combination of beach and monsoon to be the cue for turning this dream of your into reality.

As the crowd remains minimal to many beach destinations in India during the monsoon, you get to enjoy a pretty and peaceful beach. Consider this satisfying ‘more privacy and less crowd’ part to be the benefit of not many people knowing about the beauty of coastal areas in monsoon. Lesser tourists naturally mean a quieter and cleaner beach.

Feel fresh amidst the lush greens

Rain makes a beach look pristine while rendering a sense of romanticism to it. And when you choose a beach that has a fair share of tropical vegetation, then the fresh tropical vibe becomes hard to overlook. After becoming wet, the lush green feels more alive, fresh and cleaner than ever. During the monsoon, while the sea becomes more vivid, so does the green

If you visit beach destinations like Varkana, Gokarna or Goa during the monsoon, be ready to witness dense greenery and enjoy the calming effect of it on the mind, body, and soul. Even if you choose to stay near the beach, for example, the beach destinations in West Bengal such as Tajpur, Chandipur etc., you’ll surely not miss the fresh and vivid green.

Avail monsoon discounts and offers

From the flight fares to the resorts and hotel rates, both accommodation and traveling tend to become cheaper than peak times. So, when it comes to enjoying world-class luxury accommodations and traveling via flight, you don’t have to worry about your pocket as you’ll get budget rates. Yes, while on the one hand exploring the luxury staying options will be possible, on the other; you’ll get your flight tickets for half the price during monsoon compared to the peak seasons. And not only these, various water sports and water activities also come cheaper than their otherwise sky high prices.

And simply because rain looks alluring

Lastly, the biggest reason for you to visit a beach destination during the monsoon is simply that the beach looks beautiful in the rain and the rain looks amazing on a beach. You will fall in love with this combination of beach and rain this much I can assure. And if you are a rain lover, then voila! Witnessing the raindrops falling on the sand and creating a magical and illuminated beach environment is a must.

Enjoying a bottle of chilled beer while sitting under a beach shack is bound to satiate your cravings for a memorable beach experience.

Few words of caution:

While traveling to the beach destinations during the monsoon can be a truly rewarding experience; one must not forget practicing a few cautions. While the wild sea with its high waves may seem fascinating from a distance don’t get in during high tide. Rather opt for low tide and go in for a safe dip. Confirming having a lifeguard around may also prove to be a wise decision. While opting for water sports, confirm with local authorities whether it is safe to do so. Not only during the monsoon, practicing these cautions always turn out to be helpful no matter at what time of year you choose to visit the sea.

So, guys and ladies, if you haven’t yet thought about exploring the beach destinations this monsoon, consider this blog to be the awakening call! After all, missing out getting drenched, witnessing the swelling waterfalls, experiencing the wild sea and breathing in the rejuvenating greens will be a sheer folly.

Whether you plan with your buddies or take your family to a weekend sea escapade, just bid adieu to the drylands and head straight to the ‘beach’-lands while the monsoon is still here.


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