5 Netflix Stand-Up Comedy Specials That Will Have You ROFLing

Stand-up comedy is an ancient art that has modified from kings having their personal comedians called fools to not having a man tell us jokes for an hour in some of the biggest venues in the world. HBO for a very long time is the place for our modern stand-up comedians where they could do their unfiltered comedy specials but the baton now has been very gracefully passed on to Netflix. Netflix is the place to be if a comedian wishes to get noticed. And in recent times it has picked up the pace and the number of comedy specials on it has increased multi-fold. Here is a list of 5 of my favorite comedy specials available on Netflix that will have you rolling on the floor, laughing.

1. Russell Peters: Notorious

If you are starting to get into watching stand-up comedy, then Russell Peters is best comedian to start with. His jokes are extremely funny but they are not too edgy, he plays into the different cultures in the world and points out the absurd specificities that they have. This makes him not just a funny comedian but it also makes him relatable and authentic. In this special he shares a lot of his experiences of his travels around the world and his observations of people from different parts of the world. Him being a guy from Indian origin, does a lot of jokes about the Indian culture and his Indian accent is one of my absolute favorite things in his comedy. Along with this comedy special he has a documentary series called Russell Peters vs The World, a comedy series called The Indian Detective, and another comedy special called Almost Famous.

2. Chris Rock: Trombone

At the age of 53 Chris Rock brings his more mature perspective on his life as a father, a husband and the state of American politics. In this special you will get to see a more rational side of the comedian. So get ready to receive some legitimate and useful relationship advice as you hold your stomach, laughing out of your chairs. He brings his signature style back and applies it to a whole new type of content and makes it work beautifully. This comedy special urged me to watch a lot of his earlier work that can be found easily on YouTube. He has a bunch of movies on Netflix that include Death at a Funeral, The Week Off with Adam Sandler, etc. However, I don’t recommend most of them.

3. Bill Burr: You People Are All The Same

One can easily find an ‘every man’ kind of actor/ comedian in both Hollywood and Bollywood, but Bill Burr is a one of a kind ‘every angry man’. This guy has a lot of pent up energy that he channels out on the stage in the form of absurd but extremely funny jokes. From killing people to improve environmental issues to punching a lady’s muffins (literally muffins), his comedy is extremely unique yet somehow very easy to relate to. It’s like he is speaking out the dark thoughts that we keep suppressed at the back of our minds, yet he does it in a way that it’s both extremely satisfying and funny at the same time. His energy is infectious and he carries a charm of a lovable jerk that says psychotic things to make people laugh. The same kind of absurd angry humor can be seen on his animated show F is for Family and on his other specials called Why Do I Do This and Walk Your Way Out.

4. Dave Chappelle: Age Of Spin and Equanimity

After a long gap of 10 years, Dave Chappelle has come out with not one but two Netflix specials and both of them are nothing short of brilliant. Dave Chappelle is not only one of the funniest comedians to grace a stage but also one of the smartest. Often regarded as a comedy genius, his brilliance oozes out of the screen in both his specials. From start to end, every word coming out of his mouth is either funny or setting up funny, absolutely no fat can be found on either of his specials. The most amazing part of his comedy is the callback; he sets up a joke in the middle of an act, and will have you forget it only to bring it back with a big bang at the end.

5. Louis C.K.: Hilarious

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I know this is a name that is wrapped up in a lot of controversy at the time. However, if we separate the art and the artist, there is no denying the fact he is one of the best comedians on the face of this earth. All his specials have a similar tone but none of them will make you feel like there is any sort of overlap in the jokes or even the topics. He brings his life on the stage and pours it all out in his unique and pathetic manner, and I mean it in the best way possible. His style of comedy is about bringing out all the dark and pathetic thoughts that are the cause of frustrations in his life. Most of it is so repeatable that one cannot help but laugh and fall in love with him at the same time. Louis C.K.’s Hilarious in my favorite of all his shows and that is largely because of the title joke that he does toward the end of the show. It made me literally fall off of my chair that I was laughing so hard.

Making someone laugh is one of the hardest things in the world and these guys have chosen to make people laugh for a living and they are damn good at it. So if you have some time that you want to spend laughing, just go to Netflix and be sure to spend an hour and not to fall over as you hold your stomach, laughing.

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