5 Best Cafes in Pushkar for Foodies

Pushkar, a town in Rajasthan bordering the Thar desert is a paradise for food lovers. This place is quite popular among the foreign tourists for its street-side food joints, dhabas, and restaurants that serve delicacies from across the globe, specializing in Italian, Indian, Spanish, and Israeli cuisines. Pushkar is well known for Malpuas and Dal baati churma. This town is a place that you do not want to miss out on as a traveller. It is best known for its cafes’.

Before we go on exploring cafes of Pushkar, let me give you few reasons why you need to holiday in Pushkar (except for Pushkar’s cafes of course):
1. Pushkar Lake: Its origin is attributed to Hindu mythology. It is said that Lord Brahma used his Lotus flower as a weapon to kill a demon. In this war, a lotus flower fell on earth and a spring gushed out from the spot which is now named as ‘Pushkar Lake’. “Pushpa” in Sanskrit means flower and “Kar” means hand, thus the name Pushkar, which is a combination of these two words.
2. Brahma Temple: The Lord Brahma is worshipped in this temple and the architecture of the Temple dates back to 14th century. There are around 500 temples that surround the Pushkar Lake which creates an aura of divine bliss and spirituality.
3. Pushkar Fair: Pushkar is famous for its Camel Fair, also famous as Pushkar Camel Festival. It’s a 5-day long festival takes place at the banks of Lake Pushkar. The Fair includes camel races, exhibitions, and stalls selling items from colourful trinkets to local food.

Listed below are 5 best cafes in Pushkar that one must visit. These cafes not only add local flavour to the food that they serve but also give immense love which is the key essence of the Indian cuisine.

1. Cafe Nature’s Blessing

Healthy Breakfast in Cafe Nature’s Blessing

The cafe is in the downtown run by a sweet middle-aged uncle. The place is known for its serenity and good food. Books act as an added attraction for the visitors. Idli with coconut chutney, fresh papaya, and lemon juice is their signature dish and worth every penny spent on it. The owner of this place is friendly and is someone who has travelled a lot within the country. He makes it a point to interact with his customers often talking about different places in India.

2. Sunset cafe

Beautiful Sunset view from Sunset cafe: TripAdvisor

Sunset cafe is located at Kishangarh ghat, Pushkar Lake/ Brahma Lake. They specialize in Indian and Italian cuisine. Jasmine Tea is a unique and surprise element, something worth trying. The view of the sunset from this place is surreal as the sun goes down the horizon with its reflections on the lake. The evening aarti performed at Kishangarh, Pushkar Lake can also be heard while savouring the food here. The sunset cafe is among the best cafe in Pushkar for experiences at the Pushkar Lake.

3. Nirvana cafe and Pizzeria

Enjoy Your meals with a spectacular view of Nirvana Cafe: TripAdvisor

This cafe is famous for its cheesy pizzas and freshly baked bread. Malai kofta served at Nirvana is a crowd puller and is sure to satisfy one’s pallets. The interiors at this place are admirable and attract a majority of the foreign tourists.

4. Funky Monkey Cafe

Funky interior in Funky Monkey Cafe: TripAdvisor

Located near Mahadev Chowk, this place is known for the street view of the city. It is a crowd puller, famous for its food, sweets, and savouries. Pancakes are a speciality here and easy on the pocket. Pancakes alongside their lip-smacking coffee is a sheer delight. This place I would recommend you when you want to spend long hours to enjoy the view of the beautiful nature.

5. Laughing Buddha Cafe

Cozy ambience in Laughing Buddha Cafe: TripAdvisor

If you are looking for baked items, sandwiches, and hot tea, this is the best cafe in Pushkar. Banana bread with homemade peanut butter is the favourite among travellers. It is stationed on the main market road near Gau Ghat and is well known for its vegan offerings.

These cafes act as a major the main reasons for backpackers willing to come back to Pushkar, apart from its scenic beauty of course.

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