4 Reasons Why People Start a Start-Up

Start-Ups are the new thing now. The reason people, especially the young generation is running to start their own business is that they are frustrated by their meaningless life and kissing someone else’s ass.

Some of the reasons for upcoming start-ups are:

1. Frustrated to work for someone else

The corporate culture initially looks very tempting and interesting but once you are in it, your life is screwed. I guess the employees practically live on weekends. Weekdays are completely dedicated to your boss! The everlasting work is all he talks about.
It really becomes annoying to work for someone and at the end of the day all you have is a tissue paper left in your pocket as of course, you have spent all your Salary on the 1st paying off your unlimited EMI’S.
So now there comes the time when an individual decides “ab bass hogaya, aur paisa kamana ha-apna business start karta hoon”

2. Work politics

There are always few bitches in the office who would be completely jealous may be because you are too good at are your work or just because you are prettier/ hotter than them. They will form a group and keep staring at you and would laugh pointing at you as if you are coming to work naked.
So basically these bitches make sure that your life is screwed up and you end up leaving the company or just hanging yourself to death and for the extreme cases, motivating yourself and starting up your own business.

3. Do you need a leave? (Who is dead now?)

So ya every time you have to take a leave you have to either kill someone or someone is about to die or someone is getting married to me all the three are equal :p :p
The moment we go to our boss to get the leave approved, we are reminded that you already took a leave 7 months back, why do you need a leave now, you are always on a leave, so eventually we have to tell them that we are getting married. There comes the time when a person is already married 18-19 times and now starts to feel that it’s high time, my boss will judge my character- I need to leave my job and start a business of my own.

4. Less Money

Start-up is really risky but once it works then money floats in like water.
After the 25 percent deductions for tax, bonds, HRA all we are left is with peanuts in our pockets. So, the less money is also a motivating factor to quit our jobs and start up your own startup.

To sum up, I can give 100 reasons why corporate life sucks and why people end up starting up their own business but I feel these are the major reasons.

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