10 Reasons why we miss being away from Home on Diwali

Diwali is around the corner and we cannot wait for the celebrations to begin. However, not all of us get to be with our friends and family. There are those who are stuck in their college hostels either because they live too far from home and could not afford flight tickets. Some of us could not get a train reservation as Diwali time the trains are jam-packed.

Some of us feel such pathetic losers as we are supposed to work on Diwali. Don’t worry I have done all of the above.

And then comes the category who miss home the most in Diwali. The ones who are studying or working abroad. I feel they feel the saddest. Students definitely cannot come home as it will be as expensive as their semester fees. They anyway do not get to be home a lot and the festive season must be such a torture for them.

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I remember that I was in 4th year of college I was not home for Diwali. I am a loner but the feeling of being alone in Diwali eats you up. Luckily my two best friends Tanveer and Saloni were also with me. So I was kind of happy that they were there although they were sad too. Being miserable alone would have been worse.

Most of us being of any religion must have experienced the nostalgia of not being at home during Diwali or any holiday festival.

A fair warning – If you are alone this festival please do not read the below points as it will make you super nostalgic.


Here are some of the top 10 reasons I feel we miss being home on Diwali: (Feel free to comment if you have any more)

1. Family and friends – No matter how aloof you are, the family gathering and friends doing things together just cannot be missed. The family gossips, cousins coming over, playing cards and other games, going to each other’s houses to wish and exchange gifts and sweets is something that everyone remembers. There is too much work and every one does their duty together. There is always a feeling to togetherness too.

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2. Constant Reminders and Phone calls – If you are away from home your siblings will bug you with continuous photos and video calls which will definitely make you jealous. People will ask you why are you not home and you will continuously get phone calls which will make you miss being home.

3. The Lights and Decorations – Diwali is a beautiful celebration. No matter how big or small your house maybe – lights, diyas, rangoli, etc. bring life to it. Every one suddenly develops their inner artistic talent. Then there are lights from the noisy crackers which kids love. I do not promote them but some people do enjoy them.

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4. Cards – This is the best time when you are officially allowed to gamble. India has made this the official gambling celebration.

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5. New Traditional Clothes – Who does not like to dress well. We often forget our Indian attire but on Diwali, everyone gets to wear their old or new beautiful ethnic dresses.

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6. Money and Gifts – On and after Diwali there are so many rituals lined up. The kids and girls of the house become super rich by getting money from their parents, grandparents, brothers on Bhaiya Dooj and of course you can win in cards too.

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7. Food and Drinks – The crazy amount of holiday weight you put on is amazing. Sweets, Diwali dinner, are missed a lot and even alcohol is official (maybe on nearby days). I remember spending my Diwali with my friends – Tanveer and Saloni in Hard rock, New Delhi as that seemed to be the only thing open. We ordered lavish food but we were not satisfied. Diwali deserves ladoos and whatever typical food you make every year at your place.

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8. The pre-Diwali Shopping – we often go out to buy new things- clothes, utensils, gold, sweets, god idols, etc. The city does not sleep especially during Dhanteras which makes us enjoy the monotony break.

9. Even Cleaning Seems to be Good: The constant sound of repairs and cleaning is what wakes you up. Making your house a clean and comfortable place to live in is all credited to Diwali every year.

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10. No Stress, Studies or Work: For the first time you are allowed to stay without books. No one nags you to study. If you are at your home away from your corporate job, then you do not have to work too.

So go ahead and book your tickets and be home this Diwali. And have a happy, safe and green Deepawali.

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