10 Exotic Game of Thrones Travel Destinations

Game of Thrones is one of the most intense and brutal shows that are on the air today. However, if one is able to take his/her focus off of the story, they might notice these beautiful landscapes and locations. These are not just some sets made by the crew, these are real locations. These extraordinary Game of Thrones locations are not just to provide a backdrop that will be pleasing to the eyes of the viewers, these locations are like separate characters in the series. They add a separate layer to the complex story of the show. Aside from their integral role in the story, these locations have made major contributions to our traveling bucket list.

Here are 10 exotic travel destinations from Game of Thrones, that you must add to your bucket list:

  1. Dubrovnik, Croatia – The Kings Landing

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The city is known for its Old Town and the massive stone wall boundaries. It is the place where the ultimate price resides, The Iron Throne.

  1. Bullring of Osuna, Southern Spain – Arena of Meereen

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Bullrings or Plaza de Toros are bullfighting arenas and the one in Osuna is where Daenerys, for the first time, rode her Dragon and escaped the Sons of Harpy.

  1. Doune Castle, Scotland – Winterfell

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Located near the village of Doune, this castle was seen as the home of the Starks and the place where we first met John Snow.

  1. Sibenik, Croatia – Braavos

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Most commonly known as the gateway to the Kornati Islands, this place holds the richest bank in the whole of Westeros, the Iron Bank.

  1. Vatnajökull, Iceland – North of the Wall

Source: bookmundi.com

The largest glacier in Europe is where the “Undead” have been rising under the leadership of the Knight King.

  1. Ballintoy Harbor, Northern Ireland – The Iron Islands

Source: irishnews

The kingdom of the Greyjoys and the land of the most skilled sailors, one beautiful place to visit.

  1. Grjótagjá, Iceland ­– Jon Snow’s Love Cave


This is a magical location, the perfect setting for Jon Snow to break his vow of being a man of the night’s watch.

  1. Castle Ward, Village of Strangford, Northern Ireland ­– Riverrun

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This is the iconic castle that was used to film the outsides of one of the most dreadful scenes in the show, the Red Wedding.

  1. Split, Croatia – Meereen

Source: travelogue.ind.in

It was here in Meereen when Daenerys made her big mark as a queen and faced her first big challenge as a ruler, before setting out to gain control over Westeros.

  1. Gaztelugatxe, Spain – Dragonstone

Source: amazingplacesonearth.com

The ancestral castle of Targaryens yet again became the place where Daenerys would begin taking over the land of Westeros.

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