10 Coldplay’s Songs That Will Help You Get Through The Day

Nothing punches your soul like Coldplay. They have been brewing magic for over two decades. This British band has released 7 studio albums and several EPs and have sold over 80 million records. With the release of their career-defining love song “Yellow” in 2000, they shot to fame with “Clocks” in 2002. Though there are few of their songs that didn’t garner the expected fame.
Here is the list of 10 Coldplay’s songs, that will help you get through the day:
1. Talk – This one is the best example of what vintage Coldplay was like. “Talk” is anthemic in all the traditional ways. So, when in confusion, do listen “Talk”.

2. Strawberry Swing – This song makes me incredibly melancholic. According to audio scientists, this is the most psychologically relaxing song ever composed and it couldn’t be truer. Doubt it?
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3. Gravity – “Gravity” brings with it a weightlessness and hollowness that can never be filled. Probably the saddest song ever composed with the music video that will leave you in pieces.

4. See You Soon – This is their warmest and most humane song. You’ll fall in love with the Melissa and the harmonies straight away. This song basically highlights the feeling of insecurity a person may hold.

5. Green Eyes – Oh, I wish I had green eyes. Just something about the way Chris Martin sings, and his voice that works so well with the style of picking.

6. Another’s Arms – This is a must listen to headphone song. There is a lot to hear here ~ the glossy vocals, the soothing piano, the stabbing guitar and most importantly, the dark atmosphere. The solo bass guitar gave me real chills.

7. Swallowed in the Sea – This song means a lot to me. It reminds a person, just how much fragile everything in life can be. This song is so strong and completely open to let itself consume you.

8. O (Fly On) – “O” is beautiful. This song focuses on the loneliness and tragedy everyone holds within themselves. I feel like marrying this song sometimes.

9. Christmas Lights – How can I forget this? A simple piano, and heart-wrenching lyrics about lost love. Be it Christmas or not, it really gets to me all the time.

10. Hypnotised – This song is spells and magic tied up with the words. This song is the free ticket to the space travel.

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